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StuStone Hosts First Live Interactive Summer PoolParty and Album Release on Stickam  

Stu Stone Hosts First Live Interactive Summer PoolParty and Album Release on Stickam

Source: 27,2011)

Former MTV star achieves 7 million viewers for web series, streams new album, “Return of the Stone Movement” produced by DJ Lethal.

StuStone: Return of the Stone Movement
"As Stickam has evolved, I've evolved. I always try new, innovative ways to use live streaming, and the poolparty will be the perfect backdrop for my new album release." ~Stu Stone

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 27, 2011
Today from noon until midnight PDT long-time Stickam celebrity StuStone is hosting the first-ever LIVE interactive summer poolparty in celebration of his highly-anticipated solo album, “Return of the Stone Movement.” To tune in, visit

Viewers who start parties of their own can call in for a chance to have their pool featured on the show. Fans can expect the zany antics Stu has become known for, including random drop-ins from special guests, bizarre viewer prizes and of course a LIVE stream of the entire new album featuring the single “Super Bird” produced by DJ Lethal, available on iTunes NOW.

Stone shifted to digital media five years ago to begin his web series "The Sunday Nite Stu" airing LIVE every Sunday night on Stickam. One of the longest running Internet shows, it just passed 7 million viewers and features interviews, music videos, comedy and live call-ins.

Stone previously teamed with comedian Jamie Kennedy on the MTV series, "Blowin Up," and together released an album through WB Records that reached cult classic status with songs like "Circle Circle Dot Dot" and "Rollin with Saget" and collaborations with PAUL WALL, E40, ICE T and even BOB SAGET.

27日のアルバムリリースを記念して、一日中Stickamで試聴者参加型プールパーティーを実施中!番組に電話し見事繋がった試聴者だけ自宅のプールを公開できるらしい!これでもかこれでもかとアルバム宣伝しまくり!(笑)ゲストも景品も盛り沢山だったらしい♪( ̄∀ ̄)

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Stu Stone Stickam Takeover! 

Source: Stickam Blog (July 26,2011)

Stu Stone, host of Stickam’s longest running weekly series, The sunday Nite Stu, takes over the front page of Stickam for 12 hours this Wednesday to celebrate the release of the new album Return Of The Stone Movement! Tune in all day starting at 12 noon PT.
Call in and win prizes! Host your own pool party and stream live on the side cameras!

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World’s Biggest Interactive Pool Party w/ @StuStone (Podcast) 

World’s Biggest Interactive Pool Party w/ @StuStone (Podcast)

If you’ve listened to Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling, you know Stu Stone. This is your introduction to Stu who helped get Colt Cabana on his podcast who in turn got this podcast up and running. Stu will be hosting the most interactive pool party ever through on Wednesday 7/27/11 from noon pacific to midnight pacific. He’ll be promoting his new album for sale on iTunes tomorrow. You can also check out Stu every Sunday Night at


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"Return Of The Stone Movement" on iTunes 

『Return Of The Stone Movement』が遂に本日iTunesでリリースされました!

iTunes US
iTunes Japan

1 Give It Up 3:21
※当初ファンの提案で『The Clap』に変更していたが結局元に戻したらしい。

2 Super Bird 4:09

3 Barely Legal (feat. Marty James) 3:11

4 Memory Lane 3:49

5 Wassupwidit (feat. Young Church & Nic Nac) 3:41
※自身も出演・音楽を担当した映画『2 Dudes and a Dream』挿入歌。

6 Doin Just Fine 3:43

7 Ordinary Girl 3:29

8 StuStone(d) 3:43

9 Two Sixteens (feat. D Sisive) 2:05

10 Day I Died In California 3:24

11 How You Want It (feat. Joel Madden) 3:47

12 I'd Like to Know 4:06

13 Phake Wit da Phunk (feat. Christopher Lawrence) 3:00
※『Van Wilder:Freshman Year』挿入歌。

14 The Message (feat. Perez Hilton) 0:34

15 Love Song 3:06

16 She Don't Know My Name 3:15

17 Breathe (feat. Kaz James) 3:22

18 Save the Gingers (Red Head Woman) 3:58
※2010年に発表された、SKY Vodkaとのタイアップソング。1stシングル。

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Return Of The Stone Movement

Stu Stone's NEW ALBUM Return of the Stone Movement comes out THIS WED JULY 27th on iTUNES !!!!!
Here is a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for the album cover with BrakhaX2 - huge shout out to Mo, Eddie, Buddy and the Rabbi for the honor of doing this shoot!!

本日27日はThe Stone Movement結成10周年にあたる記念すべき日。と同時に、Stu Stone名義のアルバム発売日!

タイトルは『Return Of The Stone Movement』!!


映像にはアルバム収録曲の一部が流れていますが、どの曲も出来を期待できそうなものばかり!( ̄∀ ̄)

1曲目は『The Message』!これ一番好きだったりする。ラッパーとしての道程が語られていて、真っ直ぐな気持ちが伝わってくるから。

2曲目は初公開。微妙にアニメチックな声をしている。The Stone Movementの初期の作品を思わせる軽妙なフックにノリノリ♪

3曲目は多分『Freak』?ブリブリ響く電子音楽にこだまする囁くような低音ボイスにメロメロ…かも?よく耳を澄ますと日本語が聞こえてきます。Domo Arigato♪

4曲目は『The Clap』だけど、myspace等で公開中だった通常バージョンとは違って、かなりスローにアレンジされている。


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