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Flowerpot Entertainment

Last January, I moved to Las Vegas with the Brothers Rise and started recording demos for a new venture we had been planning called "flower pot". What is Flower Pot? Owned by Myself, the Bros rise and Jamie Kennedy, Flower Pot's idea was to find the most talented female artists we could! The 3 of us went from city to city and heard mannnnnny singers. A lot of bad, a lot of good. But it wasnt just a good voice we were looking for. We wanted integrety, style, songwriting ability and girls who could be good role models in a market place overstuffed with sluts (or nice girls pretending to be sluts to sell records) who cant even sing. (ironic i am saying that on myspace- a place for sluts). We want to start a new movement. One that will leave a lasting impression and bring awesome music to the masses with a smile{that WASNT just rap). Flower Pot is a label/production company that has 5 artists signed already!

Alisan Porter
Lou Dawson
Sebastian Cree
Catherine Kaide
Davida Williams

started this year with my good friends the brothers rise (jamie and ely) and Jamie Kennedy. Our mission was to showcase true female artists. Singer/Songwriters in the truest sense.

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