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Guest Featured Artists on TSM Radio 

Check out these great singers/bands!!

TSM Radioで何回も紹介されているアーティスト達です。

Own D'vice
Their single "Look At Me Now" was played on Show #18!!

Own D'vice MySpace

(Own D'viceは当初「ボーイズバンド」として、Sash'、Andy、Spencerの三人のメンバーで地元マサチューセッツ州で活躍していたが、Spencerが脱退し現在は2人に。)

The Mars Patrol (※Show #36と#39にゲスト出演!)
"Crying Your Heart Out" (Show #21)
"Are You With Me?" (TSM Radio Jukebox August Edition)
"What If?" (Show #36,#39) & "The Kiss Goodnight" (Show #36)

The Mars Patrol's OFFICIAL MySpace

The Mars Patrol Members

Davina Divine (middle) - Vocals
Ross Nelson (left) - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Stephen Parker (right) - Bass/Backing Vocals

Slim Ivory

"Circle Circle Dot Dot The Remix" was played on Show #25 (You can hear the remix at the end of the show,after "The Left One".)
"Struggles" (TSM Radio Jukebox August Edition & Show #34)
"Haruka Fan Song ft. A.B.S." (Show #38 & TSM Radio Jukebox Oct. Edition)
Slim Ivory's myspace
Slim Ivory MySpace Fan Group

Slim Ivoryについて、詳しい事はあまり知られていません。彼について知っている事は、彼はケンタッキー州在住のヒップホップ・アーティストで、1人息子がいるということだけ。代表曲は「Circle Circle Dot Dot The Remix」と「Struggles」。最近ではA.B.S.と手を組んで新曲を作ったそうです・・・その名も「Haruka Fan Song」!!!

Uncle Paulie
"Number" (Before the "Cableguy's Fn' Five Minutes" on Show #28/ TSM Radio Jukebox Nov. Edition)
"Laro" (TSM Radio Jukebox August Edition & Show #37)
"Always Be" (TSM Radio Jukebox Sep. Edition)

Uncle Paulie's myspace


"circle dotz remix"(Show #29 with a little commentary by Stu Stone afterwards. Peep it!)
"All Bad Sh*t" featuring Jamie Kennedy (Show #31)
"100 Bars of Heat" (TSM Radio Jukebox Sep. Edition)
"Smack You ft. Madenka" (TSM Radio Jukebox Oct. Edition)
"Face Value feat. Adiggz & Gotte" (TSM Radio Jukebox November Edition)

A.B.S. is currently doing the new intros for TSM Radio every week!! They received some favorable review from fans!!

A.B.S.はサンフランシスコ中心部を拠点に活躍中のインデペンデント系ラッパー兼プロデューサー。本名はChrisで、フィアンセがいるらしい。今年7月にリリースしたセカンド・アルバム「One More Breath」ではジェイミー・ケネディとのコラボ曲「All Bad Shit」が収録されている(Jamie Kennedy Fanpageでもその事を述べている)。「The Suze Orman Show」で司会のSuze Ormanの著書「Suze Orman: For the Young Fabulous & Broke」にインスパイアされて作ったという曲(タイトルは「Young Fabulous & Broke」)を生放送で披露した事がある。最近A.B.S.はTSM Radioのイントロを毎週披露。前週のエピソードをたった一分足らずでラップで解説しています。これがファンの間で大好評!!

A.B.S.'s myspace (Check out the song "All Bad Sh*t" featuring Jamie Kennedy!!)
A.B.S. Official Fan Club
A.B.S. MySpace Fan Group


Official Site
Emation's MySpace
"Parents Hate Me" (Show #32 & TSM Radio Jukebox August & November Edition) That track was pretty dope!!

Emation is 17 year-old white kid who can rap. His music is very professional,sick & tight as hell.

He's a struggling TEEN from OHiO that has AMAZING talent. Just give him a little bit of your time and listen to him!

Emationは何と17歳のラッパー!!本名はGeorge Edward "Eddy" Winchester III で、不遇な子供時代(両親の離婚など)を過ごした後にラップを始め、自分の中にあるラッパーとしての才能を開花させるようになる。まだレーベルは無いが、これからの活躍が期待される新人アーティストの1人だ。

P-Vader's MySpace
"Thizzlam Iznt Izlam" (Show #35)
"P-Vader Strikes Back" (Show #40)
"Already Done Gone" (TSM Radio Jukebox Oct. Edition & Show 43)

DJ Scratchy Nutz
"?" (Show #41)
"Moon's Calling" (Show #46)

Now On
"Jukebox" (Show #41)
"?" (Show #46)
"Weight Up ft. Phat Kat" (Show #46)

Daughters of Mara
Official MySpace
"Your Empty Promises" (TSM RADIO EXCLUSIVE!!! - Show #43)

The Early November
Official MySpace
"Decoration" (TSM RADIO EXCLUSIVE!!! - Show #47)

(The guest on Show 49!!)
Official MySpace
"What You Like 2 Do" (TSM RADIO EXCLUSIVE!!! - Show #49)

The Cock Brothers Team
(*The guest on Show 50!!*)
Official Site
CBT's Official MySpace
"U Were My Dude" (Show 50)

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