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TSM Radio Show 238 

Show 238 (July 23, 2010)
OG Super Producer Younglord drops by. Plus a call from JBD himself Jason Harris. That and more on this weeks show.

Hear about the last days of the Notorious BIG & Big Pun from the Producer who did "Hypnotize" and "It's So Hard", their last singles! Plus Jason Harris of JBD has an announcement, Cableguy's current events and emails from YOU!!!

Stu has debuted the new first verse from his new record as the "Heat of the Week"! The song is named "Superbird". Sounds like the amazing track after we heard the verse and made us hear the full version! We need more, Stu!!

Stuが現在製作中のソロアルバムの曲からの1st verseを自らリークしました!ここでは1番だけ聞くことができます。是非フルバージョンを聞いてみたいですね。そしてThe Stone Movement時代からの友人兼仕事仲間である音楽プロデューサー・Richard Younglord-Friersonが初登場!

Co-Host: CableGuyJeff
Guests: Richard Younglord-Frierson, Jason Harris (on the phone)

[This Week's News in Cable's Current Events]
This is the segment that CableGuyJeff takes us through what's going on in the world. He introduces (about or almost) 6 unique news from this week all over the world.

[DENVER, Colorado]
Paramedic delivering pizza saves man

Police: Man Shot Wife With Toilet Paper [June 21, 2010 | The Associated Press]

Wis. candidate can't use controversial description [The Associated Press]

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