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My letter for TSM Radio Show 18 

Show #18 was great!! It was like a jukebox......Cableguy,you are the best DJ!!! Thanks for playing my voice message and my "five minutes" song,calling maryb THE OG,and playing Own D'vice song!! I've been promoting many music artists including Own D'vice,The Mars Patrol,Alana Grace,and of course all of TSM Radio crews!! I'm sorry if you feel my voice message is very awkard and falter but I always become nervous when it comes to answering machine!!! Maryb was cool and I'm a little bit jealous of her promoting & managing talents. She is too lucky and I'm happy for her. Please hope if I can join "THE OG LOCKER RADIO" podcast!! Or "THE BLACKEYED OG" podcast and "THE BLACKEYED LOCKER" podcast lol I hope everybody will be back. Own D'vice and their coolest manager maryb want to say many thanks to TSM Radio!! We,Japanese fans,always love "f*ckin' five minutes" and The OG & LOCKER and "weatherman ron". I'll keep kickin' maryb's a$$ because she's the coolest mom and Jamie Kennedy's #1 fan. I love TSM and Jamie Kennedy Worlders. I can't wait to hear the song "Haruka from Japan". Bye bye from Haruka aka "The Music Promoter" & "TSM Radio Recaper" P.S. "TSM Radio Recaps" will be back soon with special guests!! And I will sing "five minutes" song and some Japanese songs on the show if you want me to.

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