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TSM Radio Year End Awards 2009: The Nominees!! 

TSM Radioがファンによる"年間最高のゲスト賞/最優秀パフォーマンス賞/最高のゲスト賞/年間最高のファン賞"等を決める投票を開始!

Go vote at:

上記のURLをクリックすると投票ページへ飛びます。投票したい名前・事項をそれぞれのカテゴリーに一つだけ選び、一番下にある"Submit(送信)"ボタンを押せば完了!管理人(Haruka From Japan)は今年も"Woman of the Year"にノミネート!清き一票をお願いします。
The link above is the voting page. Select your vote on each category and then submit at the bottom of the page! I'm nominated for "Woman of the Year" this year so please vote for me if you have time!! Thank you. :)

Here are the nominees!! 今年のノミネートはこちら!↓

TSM Radio/Sunday Nite Stu's Year-End Awards 2009

[Artist of the Year]
Dr. Hollywood
Elliott Yamin (twice in a row)
Lukas Rossi
Mandi Perkins

[Performance of the Year]
Lucy Walsh (twice in a row)
Wax (twice in a row)
Mandi Perkins
The Pricks
Mary Carey

[Guest of the Year]
Iron Shiek (twice in a row)
Elliott Yamin (twice in a row - Winner in 2008)
Devon Sawa
Mary Carey
Flower Tucci (twice in a row - Winner in the 1st Year-End Awards in 2006)
Juicy J
Jared Shaw

[Woah Moment of the Year]
*Click on the name to see the related link/video.
Flower vs. Angela (TSM Radio Show 201 [November 7, 2009])
Wallflower wins 3 millionth viewer [The Moment Clip] (Sunday Nite Stu: July 26, 2009)
Mary Carey Raps (TSM Radio Show 172 [April 17, 2009])
SNS gets sued (Sunday Nite Stu: May 2009)
Kosher King Picke Eating Contest (Sunday Nite Stu: September 13, 2009)

[Man of the Year]
CableGuyJeff (twice in a row)
Mike Williams
Nick Carpenter (twice in a row)
Young Church
Clarence Obama (twice in a row: Winner in 2008)

[Fan of the Year]
Zakariah (three times in a row - nominee every year since 2007. He was one of the nominees of "Listener of the Year" for 1st Year-End Awards in 2006.)
909 (twice in a row - Winner in 2008)
Jonathan From Iowa (twice in a row)
GinaOK (twice in a row)
Wallflower (twice in a row - nominee in 2007)
SoCal Bobby
Andrew (twice in a row)
Sketchy E. Whiteface

[Song of the Year]
*Click on the name to see the related link/video.
"Fight For Love" (Elliott Yamin)
"We Run LA" (Dr. Hollywood) [Ya Boy Version]
"Producer" (Godz Gift aka 2G'z)
"Why Pretend" (Mandi Perkins)
"Money" (Wax & EOM)

[Woman of the Year]
Haruka From Japan (twice in a row - Winner in 2008)
Robin HiyaStu (twice in a row)
Trudy (Stu's mom)(twice in a row)
Angela McLin

Past Nominees & Results [過去のノミネート&受賞遍歴]:
1 Year: Show 52 - Year End Awards! (December 30, 2006)
2 Year: TSM Radio Show 103 & TSM/SNS Fan of the Year!! December 2007
3 Year: Show 156 (3 Year Show) December 30, 2008

More importantly,

@HarukaFromJapan has the FAN of the YEAR award named after her!! Pretty huge news if you ask me!!
Fan of the YearがHaruka From Japanの名前から命名されることになったんだ!俺に言わせれば、これは大ニュースだよ!!

(Source: Stu Stone's Twitter)

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