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TSM Radio Show 203: Year End Awards Nominees Announced! 

Show 203 (November 21, 2009):
Angela is back and so is the topic of the Miss High Times contest drama. Plus The 2009 TSM Radio/Sunday Nite Stu Year End Award Nominees are announced..

Guest: none.

Music on this weeks show includes:
Come in and find out.

TSM Radio/Sunday Nite Stu's Year-End Awards 2009

[Artist of the Year]
Coming soon

[Performance of the Year]
Lucy Walsh (twice in a row)
Wax (twice in a row)
Mandi Perkins
The Pricks
Mary Carey

[Guest of the Year]
Iron Shiek (twice in a row)
Elliott Yamin (twice in a row - Winner in 2008)
Devon Sawa
Mary Carey
Flower Tucci (twice in a row - Winner in the 1st Year-End Awards in 2006)
Juicy J
Jared Shaw

[Woah Moment of the Year]
Coming soon

[Man of the Year]
Coming soon

[Fan of the Year]
Zakariah (three times in a row - nominee every year since 2007. He was one of the nominees of "Listener of the Year" for 1st Year-End Awards in 2006.)
909 (twice in a row - Winner in 2008)
Jonathan From Iowa (twice in a row)
GinaOK (twice in a row)
Wallflower (twice in a row - nominee in 2007)
SoCal Bobby
Andrew (twice in a row)
Sketchy E. Whiteface

Past Nominees & Results [過去のノミネート&受賞遍歴]:
1 Year: Show 52 - Year End Awards! (December 30, 2006)
2 Year: TSM Radio Show 103 & TSM/SNS Fan of the Year!! December 2007
3 Year: Show 156 (3 Year Show) December 30, 2008

More importantly,

@HarukaFromJapan has the FAN of the YEAR award named after her!! Pretty huge news if you ask me!!

(Source: Stu Stone's Twitter)

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