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Major Announcement from Stu Stone!! 

There was a major announcement from TSM's MySpace.....

TSMのMySpaceでStu Stoneからの正式発表がありました!!

First off, we have officially finished filming season 1 of Blowin Up!! Very exciting!! The first 4 eps have already been seen by Mtv and so far so good! We hit the air on May 16th in the 10 spot and EVERY guest star you can possibly think of is a part of our journey...I will be leaking a trailer for the show on THIS PAGE before any place in the world sees it in about 2 weeks..

「Blowin' Up」の第一シーズンの撮影は無事に終了し、最初の4エピソードはMTVにすでに見てもらったとか。あとは来月16日のプレミア放送(全米10箇所で放送予定)を待つだけ!!番組の予告編映像をTSMのMySpaceで2週間以内でどこよりも早く公開すると書かれています。

Jamie is in Vancouver filming the new movie Kickin It Old Skool (i will be up there in 10 days to begin filming my portion of the movie) and it is going really well!

ジェイミー・ケネディは現在、新作映画「Kickin' It Old Skool」の撮影のためバンクーバーにいます。Stuももうすぐそこに行って自分の出演シーンの撮影を開始する予定・・・役名はまだ明らかになっていませんが。

Well,MTV has tons of plan for them,including the huge announcement.....

Are you ready?

Ok,here we go!!


on May 15th 2006 Jamie and I will be making our first appearance as a duo on mtv's TRL in new york!!! This may not be a huge surprise to Jamie and his loyal fans, but this is by far the biggest musical victory for yours truly...its been a long time yeah, mark your calenders, set your TIVOs, may 15th TRL, may 16th the SEASON PREMIERE of blowin up!!

「Blowin' Up」プレミア放送の前日である5月15日に、ジェイミーとStuがデュオとして初めてMTVのTRLという番組に出演することになりました!!場所はニューヨーク!!ジェイミー・ケネディのファン、またジェイミー本人にとってはTRLの出演は何の驚きもないでしょう。しかしStuにとって、これは彼の今までの音楽活動を大成功に導くであろう最も大きなイベントだと思います。MTVが見れる・見れない関係なく、カレンダーで5月15日・16日に印を付けましょう!!本当におめでとうStu!!!

Congrats Stu!!! I'm really happy for you and Jamie Kennedy!!!! I wish I could go to NYC only to watch TRL....Can you give your number 1 & 2 fan (you know who I am talking about....) a shout out?? Anyway,this is just a beggining.....My calender is marked unless I cannot get the US MTV channel;) Good luck!! We're enjoying the ride.....


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