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Wrestlemania 25 (2009.04.05 - Houston, Texas) 

Stu Stone meets 909 after the Wrestlemania show! Special thanks to 909 for sharing these photos!!

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From 909's myspace blog: Part 2 of Wrestlemania Weekend (April 7, 2009):
Continueing from what happened Saturday, basically me and my potnah got home at say 9:15pmish and so we watched the Hall of Fame on TV. My potnah decided to goto sleep at like midnight or so. I stayed on stickam and chatted with people until like 2am then went so sleep. I think at about like 11am, we woke up for Sunday and already we were behind schedule. So my potnah needed to go and get a shower and what not, we left and all by I'd say 12 o'clockish. From his house, we went by mine to pick up some money and what not and grab the camera. From there, We went to the pawn shop and he sold 8 of his movies, we got like 8 dollars from it so we were a little bummed about that. After that we headed towards Reliant. I'd say we got to Buffalo Wild Wings at like 1 o'clock and ate there from 1 to like 2:30 or 3pm. From there, we went to Wrestlemania. Freakin Wrestlemania parking was $20, ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! We parked though and then walked up and bought a program. From there, we waited a little while and ended up getting in. When we finally got in at about 4pm, we went to our seats, they were HORRIBLE! So we literally played chair hop and jumped around from seat to seat and everything. So I think we found some seats on the other side at like 5:20pm,which was 10 minutes before the show. We sat there and then like 20 minutes into Wrestlemania the people who's seats they were finally showed up. After that we moved down 1 row, got those spots then 40 minutes into Wrestlemania THAT person showed up. So we went down like I'd say 5 rows or whatever and sat there basically the rest of the show. During the show, I was getting txts left and right from friends and all.

After the show, we waited for Stu Stone to call so that we could hang out with him and what not because we both planned to meet up and say whats up and what not basically kick it and everything. SO, when we were walking out, my phone rang and I saw a 604 number, I looked at it wierd and then realized, it's probably Stu Stone, anyway, I picked up and it was his manager and I didn't know where they were otherwise I woulda been over there but instead we went and tried finding our car and what not, that didn't work out so well. We forgot where we parked and it took us 45 minuts to find it. Finally we found it and it took like 1 hour to get outta the parking lot. From there, we went to Crown Plaza, at that time, they called back and said to meet em at Club Escobar, I didn't know where that was so I pulled into Crown Plaza and looked it up and what not and so got directions. ANYWAY! Basically we headed there and ended up getting lost for 1 hour and 30 minutes and so. We got lost on the way there but eventually found our way, FINALLY we found the club and what not and then called that number again, took forever but they finally picked up. The manager was cool and all but Stu came out and I chatted with him for a while and what not. During our conversation, some girl came out, my guess is that she was from the club, but she came out, not bad looking, ANYWAY though, but she came out, chatted with us for a little bit, we took photo's what not and I don't remember from there. But I do remember we ended up goin back home and stuff. I'd say at like 3am or whatever. That was basically my night though for Wrestlemania 25.

All there is to say is, Thank you WWE for making a night memorable, also Thank you to Stu Stone.


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