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TSM Radio Show 189 

Show 189 (August 14, 2009):
Mary Carey is back and she brought her husband. Plus Stu tells us what happened when he went out with Elliott Yamin.

Guest: Young Church (as co-host), Mary Carey (as guest), Mario Monge, Jr. (as guest: Mary Carey's husband)

Left to right: Angela McLin, Mary Carey, Stu Stone, Mario Monge, Jr, CableGuyJeff.

Another Pictures:
189a-stumarymario.jpg 189c-maryandmario.jpg 189d-angelastuchurch.jpg

Short Highlight:
1. Mary Carey, the model who apepared on Show 172, gets married and she brings her husband! Wow!!
2. Elliott Yamin got Stu Stone and Angela McLin pulled over?! And he fought for the law and the law wins?!
3. 909 vs. Zakariah match continues in CableGuy's F*ckin 5 Minutes! with 909's long-a$$ letter with 2 pages! zzzzzzz.....

1. Show 172に出演したモデルのMary Carey(苗字が同じなためかマライア・キャリー[Mariah Carey]と間違われる)が再びゲスト出演!しかも夫のMario Monge, Jr.と共に登場!というのも彼女は最近結婚したからなんです!おめでとうございます!!!
2. そしてStuとAngelaは、数日前にエリオット・ヤミンと外出した時に起こったあるハプニングについて語ります!
3. TSM Radio 3-Year Anniversity(2008年度)で「Fan of the Year」を受賞した909と、ノミネートされたのに惜しくも受賞を逃したZakariah・・・この二人が"CableGuyJeff's F*ckin' Five Minutes"で対決?!909の"眠たくなるほど"長すぎる手紙(何と2ページ!!!)はすっかりお馴染みになってしまいましたね(笑)

Links [Mary Carey & Mario Monge, Jr.]:
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official MySpace
Mario Monge's Twitter

Music on this weeks show includes:
Young Church - "Angel Town"
Stu Stone - "I'd Like To Know"
Elliott Yamin - "Can't Keep On Loving You (From A Distance)" [2nd single from Fight For Love]
Dr. Hollywood - "We Run LA"
Lou Dawson - "Without You"
Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone - "Strip Club Dummy"

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