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SUNDAY NITE STU: Angela McLin's Takeover? (2009.07.19) 

"I miss my boo Stu Stone..."

Stu Stone is out of town, so Busty Playboy model Angela McLin takeover SUNDAY NITE STU this Sunday!! wooohooo!!! Stu is currently in Toronto, Canada to visit his family and friends, and doing some "business" he's been seriously working on. He'll be back on Sunday Nite Stu and TSM Radio next week. CableGuyJeff was there as well to produce and control the show, and to take your phone calls. Angela was hosting the show to talk and answer your questions, and appearently she's got more viewers than Stu..... lol

Stu Stoneは現在、秘密裏に進められているあるプロジェクトの為(&家族や友人たちと会う為)、一週間ほど故郷であるカナダ・オンタリオ州トロントに滞在中です。週末にはLAに戻るそうですが・・・。その間、今週のSunday Nite StuやTSM Radioの司会を、ガールフレンドのAngela McLin(プレイメイト)が代理で務めることに!!視聴者数はStuがいた時よりもずっと伸びてるかも?!(笑)

The beginning of the show - "Sunday Night with Angela McLin":

Phone call from Stu:

090720_1409~01 Stu in the chatroom!!
090720_1354~01 What is she gonna do?
090720_1647~01 CableGuyJeff!!

090720_1646~01 Look how she's exciting!! "I miss you babe!!! Come back!"

090720_1648~01 Stu calling in to SNS...

Angela did a great job tonight. She is funny and entertaining. She can't replace Stu, but she can have her own show sometime.

NEXT WEEK: SNS will celebrate 3 millionth viewer and there will be surprise giveaway you can never imagine from them! YAY HUGE PRIZE!!!

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