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Lakeland man sees feature-film dream come true [Bay News 9] 

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Lakeland man sees feature-film dream come true
Saturday, April 25, 2009

LAKELAND (Bay News 9) -- A Bay area man is seeing his dream of making a feature film come true.

For the next several weeks, the cast and crew of "Endure" will be filming in Lakeland, the hometown of writer and first-time feature film director Joe O'Brien.

The film is a crime thriller with a spiritual message, focusing on the search for a missing woman, and stars Judd Nelson and Joey Lauren Adams.

For O'Brien, getting his first big film shot in his hometown has been a five-year feat of endurance.

"You battle self doubt all the time," he said. "When we started hearing great things about the story and the script you get a little more confidence, and a little more confidence."

That confidence helped him work hard and continue to believe that his film would someday become a reality.

Adams said she was attracted to the script because of the message of faith O'Brien has worked into the movie.

"There is a very redeeming quality at the end that leaves you uplifted and good, which you don't find a lot of today," she said.

That spiritual message is one of the things that allowed O'Brien to endure all of the struggles it took to get the money, talent and crew he needed.

"You have to believe in it," he said. "You have to believe there is something out there bigger than yourself that's going to empower it and take your dream."

Next up for the movie are screenings at film festivals this fall. O'Brien hopes his movie will make it to theaters some time next year.


Video: Watch the story (News video includes interview with the directer Joe O'Brien and the actress Joey Lauren Adams, who stars the movie Endure with Judd Nelson.)

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