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"Stu Stone Stays Loose", according to Endure producers blog 

The Endure Official Blog posted a diary about filming some scenes featuring Judd Nelson, Devon Sawa and Stuart "Stu" Stone on April 22.

Endure: Stu Stone Stays Loose

From Stu's Twitter:
"still acting like a cop...doing a scene right now with devon sawa and judd nelson where I keep making them laugh. its not a comedy. (9:05 AM Apr 21st from mobile web)"

On TSM Radio Show 173, Stone said he would come back to Florida for more shooting next week. His co-star Devon Sawa and Phillip Glasser, one of the producers of Endure, were actually his first roommates when he moved to LA many years ago. During the shooting for Endure, he became a friend with Judd Nelson and found out the fact that Judd was a huge fan of wrestling.... Hope he will get Judd on TSM Radio sometime! That would be fun, fun, fun!

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