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SaveFans!, the Anti-Ticketmaster 

It's about time to change the way you buy sports, concerts, and theater tickets!!

A brand-new Name-Your-Own-Ticket-Price company, "SaveFans!" has launched its own website and activities since March 2009. It is a revolutionary marketplace that will change the way you buy and sell live event tickets!

There are several articles about Stu Stone, who is an active, super adviser to Savefans!. He's very working hard on brokering meeting top agencies and whatnot (according to Savefans! News). This company was founded by a few friends living and working in the Los Angeles area. They are not like Ticketmaster, Live Nation and the rest of the ticketing sites that charge high prices and have hidden fees... They let you name your own price for your tickets! Yes, they are save you fans money on your ticket prices you want!! This means that they can search the best prices for you, and you can get the cheaper tickets than any other online ticket websites!! Contact and use if you want to save your money!!

先月(2009年3月)オープンしたばかりのオンラインチケット販売会社『SaveFans!』にて、Stu Stoneについての紹介記事が掲載されています。Stuは『SaveFans!』のチケットアドバイザーを務めているとか。彼はミーティングに参加し、会場側(タレント・エージェンシーも含む)との交渉も行いながらブローカー(仲買人または仲介人の意)の業務を行なうらしい。ロサンゼルス地区に在住している友人たちと共に、TicketmasterやLiveNationに対抗する形でチケット販売のビジネスを始めたようです。


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Bullz-Eye.comにてSaveFans!の事が紹介されています: says:
Need tickets QUICK? Find your performer, pick the show, and imput the amount you want to spend. They will search for the best prices for you. Get cheap tickets instead of paying a premium! They have tons of tickets for concerts and other entertainment events and you'll get them at a discount using this method.


[Official Links]
Official Site
Official Facebook Page
Official Facebook Group
Twitter (Savefans)
Twitter (SavefansTickets)
Twitter (TicketSaver)
Savefans! Blog

Pie In The Face!
#1: Playboy Pie Bandit Angela Mclin - hidden camera prank - WATCH THIS!!
#2: the Playboy Pie bandit Angela Mclin strikes again!! HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK - watch this!
#3: the Playboy Pie bandit gets victim #3 right where he sleeps!!
#4: the Playboy Pie bandit gets victim #4 - HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK - watch this!
#5: the savefans Playboy Pie Bandit is showing no mercy!!!!! Victim #5
#6: PWNED!! - victim #6 for the Savefans Playboy Pie Bandit - HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK
#7: ELLIOTT YAMIN gets PIE FACED by the Playboy Pie Bandit - HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK- watch this!!


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