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TSM Radio: Show #11 (English Version) 

TSM Radio is back on the air!!
Yes,it's Show #11!! The history was made last week and they will make more history.....the live performance in the studio again!! Who's gonna do the live performance?? The person is one of the guests who's never been on the program before. Yes,there are 2 guests this week!!

Directer Michael Addis
Michael Addis is the producer/directer of Jamie Kennedy's stand-up comedy special CD/DVD "Unwashed" and "Heckler". "Unwashed" was filmed in San Hose,San Francisco last year. It's all about Jamie Kennedy's stand-up (which is dirty I guess) and audiences(fans)' interview,etc.....the "Unwashed" CD will be released in the late of May,DVD in the late of June.....I can't wait!!

Is Mary B hot? -Meeting Jamie Kennedy's fans-
Stu asked Michael if Mary B is hot. For those of you who don't know Mary B,she is one of the coolest/cutest/nicest woman in the world!! She loves Jamie Kennedy sooooo badly,and so does her family:P I don't know about her too much but I like her character. Mike Addis said Mary B is cool,cute,and great!! He mentioned one of her son....let's look forward to "Hecker" and see if Mary and her sons are in it!!:D

I'll quote what Mary B said about this part.....
That's funny when Stu asked him if I was hot...instead he said she is a cute woman!!!!lol And the funniest part is when Stu asked him if I swore in the video and he said NO, just her son did and Stu said, "Maryb doesn't look like the type to swear""...boy Stu Stone really doesn't KNOW the real MaryB!!!!lol

What's the real Maryb?? lol and you don't know the other side of Haruka,maybe.....

"lockerlou"!! I guess Mike doesn't know him? oh well,I don't know,but at least he knows "lockerlou" now. What if Mary and Lou are on the show?? It's gonna be C-O-O-L!!!! Maybe the world famous Jamie Kennedy fans will be on the show!!! How cool is that??

And who is "Ramsay"? Maybe she will be in "Unwashed"!!Jamie Kennedy put his fans in his movie,which is great!!

Michael Addis knows me(Haruka)!!!! I didn't know him until somebody posted his myspace.....but he knew me before that??

Stu:Do you know Haruka?
Michael:Actually,she is not in my myspace page yet....
Stu:Look at this,Haruka's even got Addis!!!!

I couldn't believe my ears!!!:-O And he's popular now......

Johnny from Tarzana
Tarzana,Tarzana,Tarzana!!!!This band has been No.1 on myspace!!!! TSM Radio played their song every week and I sometimes wish Tarzana could be on the show......and finally,Tarzana IS on the show!!!!YAY!!!

Hey readers,are you ready to step into the darkside of TSMLand??:)

Click here to listen!!


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