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TSM Radio Special: Show #10 (English Version) 

TSM Radio's 10th Week Aniversary!!
YAAAAAY!!! Happy 10th Week Aniversary TSM Radio!!!:) Yes,that's right readers,this is the 10th episode of TSM Radio but the special one!! And STU IS BACK AGAIN!!!!

Today they had FOUR SPECIAL GUESTS (Guess who??....They are your all-time favorite guests!),SPECIAL SURPRISE from one special guest(Guess who again??),and hystorical phone calls..... So let's find out!!

I want to clear up the misunderstanding!!
Last episode was disgusting. Everything was disgusting and I was really shocked that they misunderstood what Haruka wrote about in her e-mail(I mean,my e-mail....).

Jamie:She likes the disgusting stuff. We were all shocked.
Stu:I'm a little shocked. I thought she was a sweet girl....

I thought,"Oh no.....They are disappointed at me because I like the disgusting thing?! No,no,no,please don't misunderstand,I don't like the disgusting,dirty,creepy things!! I get used to hear about those things but that doesn't mean I like them!!:(" I was embarrassed and I felt like crying when I hear this conversation.....

First Guest:Lou Dawson!!
Where have you been Lou?? I missed you sooooo much!!She's one of my favorite guests of all-time!! Her songs are always played in every episode. My favorite songs are "Hands and Knees"(I love the intro!!) and "Beneath The Crown". Hooray for Lou Dawson!!:]

Second Guest:Sporty O......What's Hannennenn!!
Sporty O What's Hannennenn!!!! LoL Hey let's spread this word in Japan!!!! "What's Hannennenn" is the way they say "Hello" in Atlanta,Georgia(where Sporty O is from). And he has another funny phrase:"AAAAAAAAA" (It pronounces "eeeeeeei").

I wanna my new hat,I got my new shirt,got my new shoes,wit my new work....

Now we know Trudy(Stu's mother) and Jeff's 4-year-old son loves him!! Jeff's lil' kids love Sporty O.....that's sweet. The business man is loved by people in all ages!! I love his song "New Hat". It's catchy,and don't you think he'll be popular in Japan??;)

Third guest is.....Alisan Porter!!!!
She had never been on the show,but only on the phone. And finally,she was in the guest for the first time on TSM Radio!! She has the great talents in music and she is one of the best vocalist ever!! Life has been really wowed for her.....she got a lead role on a Broadway musical called "A Chorus Line" and she's moving to New York!!! Congrats Alisan!!

Alisan knows Japanese dedicated fan!!! Alisan Porter knows Haruka(me)!! And she read my "Have a nice weekend" post!! (*crying*)Thanks....I appriciate that.They want Haruka to be on the show.....that is so exciting!!:) There is the time difference between Japan and the US,but.....that won't be the problem. If they set up a call,that would brighten our day and that would be "The International Affair"!!!!

Alisan's Live Performance
She performed "Back to Earth"(aka "Wishing Wells") officially dediated to Haruka and 10th week TSM Radio:) It was a live performance!! Jamie Rise played the guiter and alisan Porter sang "Back to Earth" in the studio......that was so great,fantastic,off the hook,amazing!! Oh I can't think of any words to express how this performance was great!!I was really,really moved to tears by her performance.....She made Show #10 awesome. I wish I were there!!

I love this phrase:"Wishing wells were made for only dreamers"

It was a beautiful performance. 2006 will be the best year for her.....and of course,for TSM family.....

Cableguy's Five Minutes
Ok everybody,let's sing "Five Minutes Song" together!! 1,2....

"The Cableguy's F*cking Five Minutes....
The Cableguy's F*cking Five Minutes!!!!"

YAY FIVE MINUTES!!!! I love it sooooo much!! They read Haruka's e-mail first (Thanks guys!!). Stu seemed to be jealous of Justin Trugman because I put Justin's myspace profile on my top 8. A friend of mine said that was funny (uh-huh) and he said "No wonder he put you on his top 8!!"(My pleasure.) Now I hide my top 8 and I made my TOP 50!! You want to know who is in my top 8 now? I can't say who,but they are in my Top 50. By the way,I sang along with "Five Minutes Song" again.....that was fun. I wish I could be on the show.

There are tons of e-mails and it was funny to listen to other people's review. Like "It was cool but it was not funny. You can laugh at other people's experiences,but how would you feel if they are laughing at you?" oh wait,somebody's got offended about Ely's "mission"!!

So the dirty/crazy/disgusting things should be continued on the show? The answer will be.....NO!!! Dr.Phil's review was interesting and entertaining to listen to. I thought he was a psychiatrist. Is Ely really creepy? Can you stop him talking about dirty things? Yes or No??

I could find out what they were talking about on the last episode.....One girl said they were doing "Guy Talk",like "women behind close doors"(it was taboo sexial thing that guys are not supposed to talk to,according to one reviewer). She never guessed guys were talking about like that but she loved the show. Maybe she will continue to listen to the show. Wow,they've got a new fan!!

And they gave a shout outs to TSMLand message board members.....that was "The Cableguy's FIFTEEN MINUTES"!!!!

Ok,let's move on.

Fourth Guest:Ron The Weatherman!!
ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaah!!! One of my favorite guests comes!!!! I'll tell you again,he's totally hilarious,even though I don't understand what he says!!LoL and I knew his name and he will be in Jamie Kennedy's upcoming movie "Kickin' It Old School". I can't wait to see that movie. I laughed when he said like,"Torontooooooooooo,Ontario!!" I wanna contact him.....right now!!!:] I'm dying to know about him!!!!

Calling Two Nicoles
After "Spin The Bottle" was played,they called two women whose name was "Nicole". First,they called Vicki Nicole(They call her "BBW") twice but she didn't answer the phone. Then,they called the other Nicole.....she's Wes' girlfriend. When she answered the phone,it was 4 a.m. where she lives. That's why she was sleepy. Stu asked if she was pregnant but she said no. He also asked if she knew who Haruka was. Her answer was also no (oh....). I guess she needs to find out if she wants to. But she left a special message for everyone. Thanks a lot Nicole!!

After that,thay played a never-been-heard Alisan Porter's song "Not For You". They must talk about "Mary B" & "lockerlou".....probably.

Today's crew & guests

TSM Radio Crew
Stu Stone (rockin' the 2 tones!)
Cableguy Jeff aka CGJ (who made this show cool and who is the hardest working man in TSMLand.)
Ely & Jamie Rise (creepy but funny guy & romantic guy who has beautiful eyes)

Show #10 Guests
Sporty O "The Business Man"
Justin Trugman "Super Producer"
Lou Dawson "Supernatural Singer"
Alisan Porter "Beautiful Active Talented Singer on the planet"
Ron The Weather Man (who is totally funny!)

"C'mon girls,let's go home.....Party's now over!!"
I tell ya,that was the best episode I have ever listened!! Goodbye readers,have a nice day!!

So long
Turn the lights out
This party's over

Baby go home
This party's over.....

TSM Radio 10th Week Special's Song List
"Hands and Knees" - Lou Dawson
"New Hat" - Sporty O
"Back to Earth" (Live) - Alisan Porter
"Spin The Bottle" - The Stone Movement (Requested by Alisan Porter)
"Not For You" - Alisan Porter
"Party Is Over" - The Stone Movement


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