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The Post Chronicle 

From The Post Chronicle:

Britney Spears Wants To Know: Did Kevin Cheat?
by Mitch Marconi
Jan 23, 2006

That is the question the everyone wants the answer to know. There have been reports that Britney Spears has hired a private eye in order to find out whether or not the Star's reports ring true.
To recap: The Star is reporting that Kevin Federline spent some time in Las Vegas with porn star Kendra Jade in early December, while Britney Spears was away in Louisiana with her mother and newborn son Sean Preston.

The Star dropped the dime on K-Fed that he cheated on her with ex-adult film star, Kendra Jade, during a weekend getaway in Las Vegas.

The alleged coupling happened during the time when Britney had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Italian sports car.

The Star dishes that while Britney was away, Federjerk slithered into Sin City where he and Kendra partied, canoodled and got hot and heavy during a seven hour escapade in her suite with several other friends, according to a published report.

According to those reports, Federline & Jade spent $7,504.00 on champagne and enjoyed a $700.00 massage.

(Warning:The below is about exclusive interview about Kendra Jade on TSM Radio(Show #2).)

In an exclusive interview with TSM Radio, when questioned about the Champagne and massage, ex-porn queen Jade claimed that "she doesn't know, she doesn't keep track of those things."

The interviewer, Stu Stone of MTV fame, brought up the picture the Star used for the magazine, and Jade's response was that "It was a very nice picture"

Stone asked if it was true that she and K-Fed had an affair, Jade simply ignored the question. Jade seemed more interested in the fact that her handbag was not photographed in the Star picture.

"It was the best part of the outfit"

Kendra Jade thinks K-Fed's song 'Popo Zao' is very good. Kendra would only refer to K-Fed as Kevin and the only thing she denied was ever using the term K-Fed (we know how much Kev hates that).

Here is a snippet of their conversation:

S: Who do you think has a better shot on making it as a rapper? Stu Stone or K-Fed?

KJ: Kevin has a way better shot than you.

S: Why is that?

KJ: Because he's married to Britney Spears..

S: Well.. Not for long thanks to somebody.

KJ: (utterances that were not audible)

So.. can we ascertain that she in fact had a tryst with Federjerk? No, I don't think we can. What we can ascertain is that she isn't in a hurry to deny it either.

Jade is most famous for her alleged videotaped sex adventure with former daytime talkshow king, Jerry Springer.

IDLYITW has this to add: " Kendra's MySpace profile is full of annoying self-important bullshit like "I am not sane but I'm not crazy", "I hate rain", and "I am not one of those myspacers just trying to collect friends....I have a gazillion friends". Did you know the actual value of "gazillion" was 267? Me either. Man, I feel like a dumbass. "

My Review
Last month,I knew there was a rumor that Kevin Federline fooled with a porn star......when I read the magazine called "Showcase Mag". It wrote the most popular Japanese celebrity gossip website (I can't say the title) mentioned that. That reminded me of Show #2 of TSM Radio,when they had an exclusive interview with Kendra Jade. Yes,the porn star was Kendra Jade,and The Post Chronicle recap the interview. On Show #4 or #5,CableguyJeff mentioned this The Post Chronicle's article and he also mentioned that it wrote about only Stu Stone & Kendra Jade. "Where the f*ck are the rest of us??" Yeah,where are the rest of TSM members?? They interviewed with her too!! By the way,I guess the truth of the rumor will never become known to us.

Japanese version:Click here
StuとKendra Jade(元ポルノ女優・元TSMメンバー・Stuの元カノ)の会話を聞いて思わず呆れてしまったのは私だけでしょうか。「Stu StoneとK-Fed(Kevin Federline)のどっちがラッパーとしてより良く成功出来ているのか」という質問にKendra Jadeの答えは「K-Fedがあなたよりも成功してるわ。ブリトニー・スピアーズと結婚したから」・・・確かにケヴィンはStuよりも有名だけど、ラッパーとしては・・・微妙。「PopoZao」視聴してみましたが、約80%PopoZaoしか歌っていない。売れる可能性は低いと思います。Kendra Jadeは、この曲はとても良いと言っていましたが・・・。しかもこの記事にはStuとKendraの名前しか出てこなくて、他のTSMメンバーの名前は一切出てこない。Jeffが怒るのも無理はないでしょう。

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