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TSM Radio Show 163 

Show 163 (February 13, 2009):
Our very own Nick Carpenter stops by to tell us about his new girlfriend. Plus a very special moment with "The Creep" as we interview him in the hospital.

Guest: Nicholas "Nick" Carpenter

The second episode from the new studio!
新しいスタジオからお送りしているTSM Radio!これで二週目!!

Nick's new girlfriend is Bridget Marquardt(from Playboy's Girls Next Door). She had announced that Nick is her new boyfriend on US Weekly Magazine this week! You can see how she looks happy about that at the link below:

今週のUS Weekly(2009.2.16)のオンライン版でBridget Marquardtが新恋人(つまりニック)の存在を公表した記事がありました!Hugh Hefnerの次はニックか・・・。でもBridgetは幸せそう。
Bridget Marquardt: New Beau Is "My Valentine" [US - February 10, 2009]

Bridget's Got A Man! [February 9, 2009]
↑ニックの存在は大好評!"Hot & Cute"だって!!Everyone loves Nick now - he's cute and the hottest!

実は二人ともTSM Radio 3-Year Anniversary Showに来ていたんです!まさか本当に付き合っていたなんてこの時誰が想像できたのでしょう?!

This is the video of Josh Gray-Emmer interviewing Nick Carpenter and Bridget Marquardt during the TSM Radio 3 Year Show at the end of 2008. This was the first (and EXCLUSIVE) public appearance by this lovely couple....Can you believe it????


Ely "The Creep" Rise has been in the hospital this week and I wish him the speedy recoverly. Stu Stone interviewed him in the hospital because Ely asked them to do so to let his fans know he's doing ok.


Video: TSMTV visits Ely "The Creep" Rise at the Hospital after his surgery.

Music on this weeks show includes:
Stu Stone - "Stu Watcha Say"
The Last Goodnight - "Poison Kiss"
The Stone Movement - "Family Tree

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