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The Sundance Festival 2007 [Part 1] 

Stickam.comはアメリカのユタ州パークシティー市で行なわれる世界最大の映画祭「SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2007」に行ってきます! 1月18日から21日までStickamでしか見れない単独ライブをお送りします。映画業界のトップセレブとのインタビューをお見逃しなく!

昨日(東部時間:18日午後6時 / 日本時間:19日午前11時)Stuは、Nick Cannonが司会を務めた「Boost Mobile Presents Welcome to Sundance Dinner」で、Nick CannonやNickのボディガード、DJ Ruckus等にインタビュー。Nick Cannonの主演映画「Weapons」がこのサンダンス映画祭に出品されるそうです。彼は映画「ドラムライン」やMTV番組「Wild N' Out」の司会で有名。インタビューや裏舞台の動画はこの記事の一番下にあるStickamのリンクをクリックすると見ることができます。


sundanceinterview.jpg sundanceinterview2.jpg nickcannonsandance.jpg A1F26F6C-A80A-11DB-9AC4-F4A7242849F0.jpg stickamsandancelive.jpg 2fd322cd-a68c-11db-b562-3bb85e7b2bad.jpg is attending the 2007 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from January 18th to January 21st. They have a line up of live shows that we is broadcasting live from the event. In addition they are taking footage from everywhere they go.

Today (January 18 @ 6pm PST/January 19 11am JPT), Stu Stone interviewed with Nick Cannon from "Wild N' Out" during Boost Mobile Presents Welcome to Sundance Dinner.

Nick Cannon will be starring in "Weapons", a movie directed by Adam Bhala Lough. In the movie Reggie, played by Cannon, is a young, responsible African American about to attend his first job interview when he spots a shiner on his little sister's face and becomes obsessed with finding a gun to exact revenge.

You can see the footage and interviews at: (English) (Japanese)
Stu interviews with:
nickconnonsbodyguard.jpg Nick Cannon's bodyguard "Big Dave"
ownerspnbclothingnick.jpg The owners of PNB Clothing & Nick Cannon
djruckus.jpg DJ Ruckus
nickcannon.jpg Nick Cannon
niles.jpg Nile Evans from the upcoming sketch comedy series w/ Nick Cannon, ShortCircuitz
agent.jpg Interview with an agent before Nick Cannon private dinner
finalnickcannon.jpg Final Nick Cannon Interview

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