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"2 Dudes and a Dream" Premiere in Hollywood 

Stu Stone's new movie, "2 Dudes and a Dream"starring Brian Drolet ("The Hills") and Nic Nac ("Wild N' Out", "Bitten"), has premiered at Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA on February 3rd.

Stuの新作映画「2 Dudes & A Dream」のプレミア上映会が日本時間の昨日(2/4)、ロサンゼルスにある映画館アークライト・ハリウッド(Arclight Hollywood)で開催されました。Stuも出席していたそうです。

2 DUDES AND A DREAM Los Angeles Premiere February 3

2 DUDES AND A DREAM Los Angeles Premiere February 3, 2009 at the ARCLIGHT THEATER. Many celebrities attended and we talked to Producer Cole Payne, Cameron Goodman, Jason Jerkins, Nic Nac, Michael Copon, Somaya Reece,Rachele Brooke, Tyan Cook, Sidney Faison, Jillian Murray, Carlos Ramirez, Christina De Rosa,Simon Rex, Andre Legacy, Brittany Flickinger, Kristin Cavallari, Jane Morton Owen and Jason Wahler. Red Carpet interviews By Larissa Alexis

You can check out photos from the red carpet on the links below:

"2 Dudes and a Dream" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Los Angeles Premiere of '2 Dudes and a Dream' Photo

"Dirt Nasty"ことサイモン・レックス、Andy Milonakis、Jason Whaler、Kristin Cavallariなど豪華な面々が出席してます。Stuの写真は一枚もありませんが・・・。Where is Stu anyway?

いたーーーーーっ!!!!There he is!!!!

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Brittany Flickinger Checks Out “2 Dudes and a Dream”

「2 Dudes & A Dream」はMTV制作のリアリティー番組「The Hills」の第一シーズンに出演していたBrian Droletと、「噛む女」でStuと共演したニック・ナックの二人が主演のコメディー映画。

俳優志望の男(Brian Drolet)とモデル志望の男(ニック・ナック)が夢の実現のためにハリウッドへ!そこで二人は出会い、やがて親友同士となる。二人がハリウッドで見たものとは?そして彼らの夢は叶うのか?

Thomas Price (Brian Drolet) is a wanna-be actor from Up-State NY who dreams of being a movie star, but the closest this college drop-out has gotten is selling popcorn in his family’s movie theater. The other dude is Sebastian Dinkle (Nic Nac), an overweight metro-sexual living and working on his father’s farm in North Carolina, he dreams of being a famous supermodel. Both dudes end up in Hollywood with the same dream, to make it big. They become friends and experience the wild parties as well as the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Tons of crazy characters cross their paths, some that will become their friends, and others who only get in their way. From falling in love to falling on their face the boys are challenged with many obstacles, will they go home failures, or live the dream?

Official Site:

You can see the trailer at the official site. This looks funny! Stu's role is "Barry Swift", a Hollywood agent. You can also find Jason Mewes' cameo appearance a little bit in this trailer.

上記の公式サイトで予告編を見ることができます。この予告編を見る限りでは面白そう!StuはBarry Swiftというハリウッドのエージェント役。ジェイソン・ミューズもチョイ役で出てます(^^)

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