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TSM Radio:Show #4-6 (Song List Only!!) 

For 2 weeks,I have been in the hospital,because I had three gallstones in my gallbladder. So I undergo the surgery to remove my was a big success and I could leave the hospital on Feburary 11th. I didn't get the chance to listen to Show #4-#6 and recap them while I was in the hospital. Today I listen to them and I could write Song lists with short recaps. Enjoy them=)

一月の終わりごろから2週間、胆石症のために入院していたので、TSM Radioの第4~5回目を聞く事はできませんでした。したがって今まで感想が書けずじまいでしたが、やっと全部聞いて書くことが出来ました。

Show #4
"Tradition" - The Stone Movement
(*call a fan*)
"Family Tree"(Live Version) - The Stone Movement
"Sugar" - Tarzana
(*call Kendra Jade*)
"The Hard Way" - Alisan Porter
(*The Major Announcement for Alisan Porter*)
(*Cableguy's Five Minutes*)
"Sluts and Giraffs" - Stu Stone and D-Sisive

Announcement:Alisan Porter landed a lead role on a Broadway!! The show is called "Chorus Line"!! Congrats,Alisan!!:-)

Show #5
White Boy - The Stone Movement
Runaways - Tarzana
(*Lou Dawson appears on the show!!Yay!!*)
In a Moment - Lou Dawson
Beneath the Crown - Lou Dawson
(*Cableguy's Five Minutes*)
(*They call Nicole at 5 o'clock in the morning*)
Baby Blue (Cableguy's Remix) - The Stone Movement

Short Recap:They called a fan,and they called Nicole(Wes' girlfriend) at 5 o'clock in the morning because they got an e-mail from her that said they didn't call her,so she didn't like the show. So they called her.....February 1st was Wes' birthday!! Happy Birthday Wes!!:-) Wes & Nicole are a very big couple,according to Stu Stone.....they were asleep when Stu called them lol At the end of the show,Jeff suggested to play "Baby Blue" but Stu didn't like his suggestion. But eventually,they played "Baby Blue". I didn't like the part,not "Baby Blue". I thought that song was just okay.

「Five Minutes」の間、Stuが私が入院している事を告げて、Stu達が「元気になって、Haruka!!」と言ってくれた時はもう涙が出ました・・・。本当にありがとう!!
Wes BrodskyのガールフレンドNicoleに電話したStuたち。2人の住んでいるところでは朝の5時で、しかもWesの誕生日(2月1日)はとっくに過ぎていました・・・。最初に電話を取ったのはWes。寝ぼけている様子でした。Nicoleも同様でしたがちゃんと質問に答えていました。
番組の最後でどの曲を流すか決める際、Jeffが「Baby Blue」を流そうと提案。Jeffお気に入りの曲だそうですがStuはあまり好きではないようです。Jeffの提案には反対したものの結局は「もういいや、好きにしろよ」といった様子で、「Baby Blue」を流す事に。何だか後味が悪かったです。

Show #6
Live Your Life - The Stone Movement
Get Your Money With It - Sporty O
Big Kids - Tarzana
(*Cableguy's Five Minutes*)
"Mission to Mars" - Lou Dawson
"Concept Song" - The Stone Movement
"Forever Goodbye" - The Brothers Rise

Short Recap:Jamie Kennedy was on the show!! He mentioned "Blowin' Up",his upcoming stand-up documentary DVD:"Unwashed",and his new myspace profile.And during "Cableguy's Five Minutes",there was an e-mail that said like "Does Stu have a crush on Wes' girlfriend?" Stu said no. And I was wondering why Ely always went to the bathroom when "Five Minutes" started,and everybody asked what color of Ely peeing? :( Anyway,they gave a special shout outs to their good friend "Mary B".....she had her surgery done and doing better!! We were very worried about her and we're very,very happy for her:)

"Mary,I'm glad you're doing better."

退院した次の日に放送されたShow #6。ジェイミー・ケネディがゲスト出演。「Blowin' Up」「Unwashed」、新しく出来たMyspaceページの事などを話していました。「Five Minutes」では、StuがNicoleに恋してるんじゃないか、といった内容のメールがありましたが、Stuは「そんな事はない」と否定。ホントに?Elyはこのコーナーが始まるといつもトイレに行ってしまいます・・・「水の飲みすぎかな」なんて言ってますが。
友達のMary Bが病気の治療をやっと終えて、今は元気にやってると聞いた彼らは、「彼女が元気になってホッとしたよ」と言いました。

Message from Stu Stone (MySpace)
-- we would also like to wish our pal Haruka a speedy recovery, we need you in the TSM front lines so get well soon!
Saturday, January 28, 2006

We are happy to hear that our friend Mary B is doing better this week after going thru a rough period. Be strong! Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thanks TSM!!=)


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