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TSM Radio 3 Year Anniversary (12/28) 

The result for TSM Radio's Year-End Awards was announced at the TSM Radio's 3 year anniversary show in Decmeber 2008. The show was broadcasted LIVE on Sunday Nite Stu on on December 28, 2008. Great to see wonderful performances by Bonnie McKee, 11:11, Mickey Avalon, Young Church, Andy Milonakis, Andre Legacy, Kaz James and Stu Stone!

28日(日本時間では29日の午後2時~)から、【TSM Radio's 3-Year Anniversary】がStickam.comにて生放送で開催されました!ボニー・マッキー、Kaz James、11:11、Andy Milonakis、ミッキー・アヴァロン、アンドレ・レガシー(昨年の2 Year Anniversaryにもサイモン・レックスことDirt Nastyと共演してました)、そしてスチュ・ストーンによるライヴ・パフォーマンスの他、ファンによる"年間最高のゲスト賞/最優秀パフォーマンス賞/最高のゲスト賞/年間最高のファン賞"等を決める投票結果が発表されました!果たして結果は?!

I'm so glad to be the (sort of) part of this show. Big shout outs to TSM Radio crew/cast members who shouted out to me. Shout out to ABS for doing the incredible intro to TSM Radio/Sunday Nite Stu each every week. You can watch my ABS TRIBUTE VIDEO created by Haruka From Japan....

This is the tribute video for A.B.S., who makes the intro theme for Stu Stone's podcast TSM RADIO & SUNDAY NITE STU each every week since 2007. The background music is called "Loma Prieta" by A.B.S. Created by Haruka From Japan. Aired at TSM Radio's 3 Year Anniversary Show on on December 28th.
これは管理人(Haruka)がTSM Radio 3 Year Anniversary Showのために作った動画です。TSM RadioとSunday Nite Stuのイントロ音楽を作ったラッパーA.B.S.に感謝を込めて作りました。

wow can't believe it's been 3 years!

2009 will be full of lots of changes around the world, I'm sure.

Wishing you happy holidays & new year!!
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Bonnie McKee

Andy Milonakis... Wait for his debut album

Stu Stone & Kaz James


11:11 on the couch

Young Church

The Brothers Rise

Mickey Avalon & Andre Legacy!

Irene & Kathy

Harv Glazer & Russell Ali

Nick Carpenter

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