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TSM Radio:Show #9 (English Version) 

Jamie & Ely tookover the show
That's right,Stu wasn't on the show again.....he's been busy these days so it can't be helped. Let's enjoy the show!! There were many voices:CableGuyJeff,Ely & Jamie Rise,Justin Trugman,"Rodness"(I'm not sure if I write his name correctly....),and "Big Man". Today's host is Ely!!:)

More crazy questions/conversations
hahaha....I don't understand what they said perfectly(I'm sorry),but I could hear some dirty conversations I guess. But hey,I don't care because it's a radio show=] It's entertaining.

"Rollin' With Saget" Video
I think most people knows that Stu had his own rap music video.....the "real" rap music video with Bob Saget("Full House Dad",you know) and Jamie Kennedy!!! Congrats Stu!!=) We hope they will show the music video on MTV,CS,etc. (If they show it,maybe the most popular Japanese gossip website will find it and talk about it in the near future....) There were some little spoilers: for example,"that was a craziest video shoot" & "a lot of reconizable faces in industry that appeard on this video". So look forward to the music video.....=]

What is "Beef Curtains"???
um.....I'm not sure what it means....still.(I think I'm a bad listener.....sorry *sigh and cries*) But many people wants to hear them "ridiculous" sh*t. I welcome the ridiculous know,we do have those ones all day every day!! Enjoy.....

"Tradition".....kind of oriental
Get up,get up,get up.....
Get up on the dancefloor.....

That song was a shock to me. Everytime I listen to TSM music,I feel like I found a brand-new music.(I mean it.)

"Ron The Weather Man" (Part 2)
OMG he's funny!! I'm sure he will be a regular member of this show!!! Who is Ron??

Female listeners are increasing....
They said there are 70% female listeners. Wait,70%?? This show is popular among women in the world!!!

Message from Japanese fan
They got a new comment from Japanese girl and they read it on live!! There was a picture of "BoA"(the popular singer from Korea. She's popular in Japan and she can speak English and Japanese, and dance singing!!) with message. Thanks for reading the comment!! That's very sweet....

The CableGuy's Five Minutes
Jamie Rise:(singing,popping his knuckles)"The CableGuy's....f*cking five minutes! The CableGuy's f*cking five minutes!!"

Yay,"Five Minutes"!! They got a lot of e-mails this week. Jeff read a couple of e-mails and found it there were some complaints about the show. It's good to hear the listeners' opinions. Sometimes some people request the songs. But I have to say one thing: "Haruka doesn't like the ditry things but she get used to hearing them." oh well,I don't care about that anyway.

Sporty O is in the house?!
After they played Sporty O's song,Sporty O appeared on the show (cool!). Then they began to gargle their throat......that was weird and crazy lol And then they began to have some conversations.....comes and goes and goes.....

How do this reviewer listen to the show?
Before I finish writing the review,I'll tell you how this reviewer listen to this radio show. The reviewer is Haruka and I'm listening to the show through TSM Radio's site,drinking water at around 1 AM on March 7. I downloaded i-tunes but I don't have i-pod,sadly.....I enjoyed the show but I sometimes wish I could understand what they said!! I'm an enthusiasnic English language learner not only on the net but also in the actual life. (You may think where "aitheguest",my TSM Radio recaps buddy,is. She's no longer here and won't come to the message board anymore,because she changed her e-mail address and I lost in touch with her.)

I hope you enjoy my review.

TSM Radio's Song List(Show #9)
"Beneath The Crown" - Lou Dawson
"Tradition" - The Stone Movement
(*"Cableguy's Five Minutes"*)
"Circle Blaze" - Sporty O
"Big Kids" - Tarzana


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