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'The Stone Movement' leads the way [Northern Territory News, Australia] 

The Australian newspaper Northern Territory News reports Stu Stone's activity in online entertainment at his own talk/variety show "Sunday Nite Stu" on!

オーストラリアの新聞「ノーザン・テリトリー・ニュース(Northern Territory News)」紙がSunday Nite Stuでの活躍について報じています。

Sunday Nite Stuとは、毎週日曜日夜9時[アメリカ東部時間。日本では月曜日の午後1時頃]にStickam.comから配信されるStuのWEBライブトークショーのことです。URLは

(※ちなみにNorthern Territoryというのはオーストラリア北部の準州のこと。)

Click on the pic above to enlarge.
Here's what I wrote down from the article, in case you think the letter is a little bit small:

'The Stone Movement' leads the way

Written by: Kasey Brunt
Date: Monday, July 21, 2008
From: Northern Territory News

TWO years ago, watching TV on a computer was unheard of.

But Hollywood actor and rapper Stu Stone knew it was a phenomenon that could catch on fast.

Stone, a former child actor who was a star of the 2001 hit film Donnie Darko and MTV's Blowin' Up, stumbled across a website used by teens to chat to each other on webcams.

It gave him the idea of broadcasting his own talk show - online.

And that idea proved to be a hit - Sunday Nite Stu, the first talk/entertainment variety show to be broadcast via the internet, it watched by thousands each week on and recently passed the one millionth viewer mark.

"I have always been an internet kind of guy and like keeping up with new technilogy," Stone, who also has a podcast available on iTunes called TSM Radio, said.

"I stumbled across Stickam and it was sort of like a social networking site, but with webcams.

"So I started my own show and got a phone and told people to call in.

"Now we have guests and giveaways.

"We've given away a $US50,000 grill by (American rapper) Paul Wall and a Rolex watch."

In just a short couple of years, Sunday Nite Stu has become an international hit, with net-savvy viewers the world over logging on for a weekly dose of antics from Stone and his often zany and funfilled co-hosts.

The show also gives viewers from all over the world the chance to interact and chat with the cast, whether over webcam or by calling a hotline.

"We even have viewers from as far away as Japan," Stone said.

"It's pretty crazy."

Crazy it may seem, but the show has been embraced by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, with past guests including bands The Last Goodnight and Whitestarr.

Naturally, of course, Stone thinks online entertainment could be the way of the future.

"It just takes a while for people to embrace new technilogy," he said.

"People aren't used to going to the computer for live entertainment.

"They aren't used to watching TV on the internet.

"But it is a great way to entertain.

"And there is no one censoring you."

Sunday Nite Stu can be viewed at:

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