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TSM Radio:Show #8 (English Version) 

Welcome back,Stu!!
Guess what? STU STONE IS BACK!!!! (YAY!!) So are you happy now,aitheguest(She was my friend from university but now she quit university and moved to New York with her boyfriend.)??
Now there were four main voices:Stu,CableGuyJeff,Jamie&Ely Rise. And there were special guests on this show.....Justin Trugman("Super Producer") and Sporty-O!!!!Sporty-O is a rapper from Atlanta and he will be on MTV show officially. He really is a good rapper so check out his myspace: He's going to have his own radio show called "Sporty-O Radio" coming soon in March!! They said it was different from TSM Radio. I'm looking forward to that. Believe me,he's gonna be a superstar in the whole world!!

Give her a "Creepy Kiss"?? Kiss a creep!!
There was the other special guests:"PLAT" and Sarah. And they offered Sarah 5 bucks to kiss Ely Rise.....(unbelievable.....oh my god) and they kissed while the show was on the air??!! (Really??!!) She said it was...."kind of creepy"(kind of?!) and Ely said "wonderful.great.if you're a blonde....I was joking."(mmm....)

Surprising guest is coming!! "Hello great fans!!"
You would be surprised when the next guest comes to the show....his name was....John Parkinson!!Yes,JKWorlders,our one and only John Parkinson was on the show!!!John is Jamie Kennedy's real right hand man!!(And Stu Stone is Jamie's left hand man lol) He keeps updating Jamie Kennedy World Forums and he's one of the forum members as "John Parkinson Loves Kahlua" (oh I love Kahlua too!!) He mentioned Jamie's new DVD "Unwashed",some spoilers of "Blowin' Up",and JKWorld forum members.....especially "maryb"(She's the coolest,classic Jamie fan and she keeps the forum update everyday!!She's the mother of JKWorlders.....really.),"lockerlou"(He's one of Jamie & John's old school buddies.....their cool buddy.),and Japanese fan "Haruka"(You know who she is.) Thanks for the mention on air,John!! You rock!!!

So there are sooooooo many Jamie Kennedy's great,great fans and they're listening to this show(especially people from Jamie Kennedy World). Jamie actually called maryb to wish her well. (ugh I'm jealous!! but that was so kind of him:) She had a hard surgery so she couldn't come to the forum. We're glad she's doing better. She's an OG Jamie Kennedy fans,and we know that. I remember when my friend says "JKWorld is not JKWorld without mary!!" I'm 100% for sure that's right!!)

aitheguest:haha that is so cool. maryb is so famous among Jamie Kennedy fans & TSM. And you are everywhere lol amazing. i'm glad your surgery successed and you're the way,I'm listening to show #8,reading your recaps.
Haruka:oh really??
aitheguest:yeah...with robert. he says TSM rocks his socks.
Haruka:They will be happy to hear that.
aitheguest:I like them too.....So what's next??
Haruka:alright,the next is.....

CableGuyJeff's F*cking Five Minutes!!!
Yay,that is my favorite part on TSM Radio!!!! Jeff read the e-mails from fans and give shout outs to TSMland Message Board members. When this part started,they began to sing a song....

"CableGuy's F*cking Five Minutes....CableGuy's F*cking Five Minutes!!"

That was funny lol I sang along.

Most of the TSM Radio listeners really love this part. Some people say this is the best part. I agree with them,it's very fun to listen to. You will know they appriciate your love & support;)

Let's do some new things....
They did a new's called "Crossfire". You can hear Jamie Rise on one side(right ear),Stu on the other side(left ear). Jeff gave them questions and Stu and Jamie devated these topics.

#1."How about American Idol - Good or Bad?"
#2."Wesser Wes - All Man or Pussy*** B*tch?"
#3."'Saved By The Bell' or 'Degrassi?'"

No judge. Too many trash words. They will do some new things (even dirty things).

Ron The Weather Man
He spoke too fast and he was like DJ.He was funny though. Who the hell is Ron??

"Back to you Stu."

"TSM Radio is the best-show-ever!!"
It really is. It's entertaining and makes us happy. We can find out what happens to Stu,CableGuyJeff,Jamie & Ely,Wes & Nicole,Sam,Lou Dawson,and Kendra Jade,or even Stu's MTV show and Jamie Kennedy.(I love when someone is laughing in the background. Who is laughing??) If you have Podcast,subscribe TSM Radio!!!! The URL is:

30,000 people from 7 countries (Canada,USA,UK,JAPAN,England,etc....) are listening to this I'm sure it's gonna be a huge,popular show on Podcast.

P.S. "OG" means "Original Gangsta" for short....So Mary is the real OG!! Yeah she's cool (I said it about thousand times,don't you think??) B)

Haruka:Thanks for helping me out,ai. It was nice to chat with you.
aitheguest:My pleasure,Haruka. Let's do it again next week.....hopefully. oh I've got to go now. Bye!!
Haruka:Bye!! This is Haruka & Ai, TSM Radio Recap Team. See you next week!!

TSM Radio's Song List(Show #8)
New Hat - Sporty-O
Poole Palace - Sporty-O
(*John Parkinson on the show!!*)
Hands and Knees - Lou Dawson (Requested by Sporty-O)
One Crazy B*tch (Extended Version) - The Stone Movement
(*CableGuy's F*cking Five Minutes*)
3 O'clock High - The Stone Movement (Requested by Irene)
(*"Crossfire","The Weather Man Ron"*)
Sugar - Tarzana
As Good As Mine - The Brothers Rise


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