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Breathe, you’re doing just fine - An Interview with Kaz James 

Source: Tangled Magazine

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By Jamie • May 23rd, 2008 • Category: Interviews

Interview and Written by Jamie Evangelista

Mostly well known for their chart topping single, ‘I Like The Way You Move’ in 2006, The Bodyrockers have put aside their band for a moment as Kaz James is treading on his solo career. Releasing his first single club-pumping hit, ‘Breathe’ , it has already gone to No.1 in the ARIA Club charts. He collaborated with Stu Stone on the single, which came together in itself. “I met Stu when I was in L.A. I was doing some work with a guy named Justin Thurgman who produced a few records, Eminem’s first album. He was doing some stuff and said rock into the studio one day. He’s on a show with Jamie Kennedy and had that record ‘Blowin Up’ out and was doing well so we got along. I played him the stuff I was doing and he’s like next time you do a record I’ll be on board.”

Kaz caught a lucky break when acclaimed Australian director Fred Schepisi (Six Degrees of Separation) called the shots for the video. “It was pretty amazing. I think it was definitely one of the moments where it was surreal and standing on set looking around going, Fuck this is amazing.”

Departing from the Bodyrockers wasn’t as tough as it seemed. “I thought it would be a bit more pressure but I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve had a lot more control over what I’m doing and a lot artistic direction where I want to take the music with a 100% on where I want to go. Now it’s all about what I want and the sounds I want.”

In terms of inspiration for his music, there’s only one person that fills that void. “As an all around artist, I really look up to Prince, I definitely think he’s the king of pop. To me he’s the best artist in the world.”

Brushes with the tabloids were included into Kaz’s life when he was linked to actress Keira Knightley and model Kate Moss. “You find it quite intrusive of your private life when you open the door you got 20 paparazzi at the front of your house. I stopped going out for about a year to let the whole thing wash over. I’m one of those people who likes to do what they do, especially when I go out, you get a bit drunk and when walking along there’s like 20 dudes flashing their cameras in your eyes and you’re like, what the hell is going on? It gets a bit weird. I sort of learnt how to deal with it now.”

His debut album is due out in August with a tour on the line at the end of the year. One of the things to look forward to on his album is his collaboration with Macy Gray. As for future collaborations, “It’s more when you meet the person and catch a good vibe from them, you get along and you can do something together and that’s more what it’s about. It’s making records with people than making records with superstars.”

“I’m happy with the record. I just want to do mish mash of genres and creating new sounds and making something original that no one’s doing at the moment.”

Visit Kaz James’ Myspace:

‘Breathe’ is out now.

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