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Stockam Forever 

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Stickamの有名エンターテイナー達が総出演(!)のショートフィルム"Stockam Forever"が公開中!!主演はTony StockertとAdam Paranoia。"Stickam:Hostile Takeover"というStickam製作のショートフィルムの続編です。前作ではTony StockertがStickamを買収した事からストーリーは始まるのですが、そこから話がややこしくなっていきます。今回はTonyとAdamのクローンだの、Matthew Lush殺人事件だの、「ターミネーター」「バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー」「タイムマシン」の要素が盛り込まれています。突っ込み満載ですが・・・(例えばロケットランチャーがカメラの三脚いすだったりとか 笑)。ちなみに、Stuも出演!!皆さん演技上手いですね~(^^;)

The sequal of "Stickam:Hostile Takeover"(directed by Adam Scott Franklin aka "Adam Paranoia"), "Stockam Forever", is up on YouTube and Stickam now!! It is the Stickam's second short film, and I think it is so creative, clever, and funny. Great acting, great camerawork, awesome effects. You know, Stu Stone is in this film as himself, and Nick Carpenter as "Doug"(Why was he so half-naked? He was funny though lol). Although Stu never smiles just like he does on his Stickam show every Sunday, his acting was brilliant. And Tony Stockert & Adam Paranoia had a good and hilarious combination in the film.

There were some funny scenes, which I can't tell you. But I can say my favorite part is that they used a camera tripod as the rocket launcher! LOL When you understand the whole story, then you are clever. There is the "Terminator-Back-To-The-Furute-Time-Travel-Rules", which made the story complicated a little bit.

The keyword of this film can be "El Piedra".

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