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CBT's TSM Radio Recaps 

I happened to find the TSM Radio Recaps by The Cock Brothers Team, the rappers who was on Show 50 in December 2006.

My Recap for Show 50

On March 2nd 2007, they have written a recap about TSM Radio Show 50,51,54,55 on their official website....

CBT on TSM Radio Redux: Blow by Blow

I, the webmaster, was mentioned at the beginning of their recap..... UNBELIEVABLE.

"P.S. OHHHHH - I almost forgot! Much love to lady friend Haruka from Japan and the good vibes she has sent us from the Far East. I just want to let her know that we LOVE Japanese culture - you all dress SOOOOOOOO fashionably and we LOVE that adorable San Rio shit.
Quick question for Haruka: Do most of the Japanese dudes in Japan have as small dicks as they seem to out here? I love how neat and clean they are and how their skin stays so youthful but, seriously, COME ON, I want to feel SOMETHING when it's up in there!!!"

"Brothers Team has NOTHING against (TSM super-fan) Haruka from Japan nor against Japan the country. CBT actually thinks Haruka is a sweetheart and, as mentioned in the above letter, really LOVES Japan/the Japanese."
"It turns out that some took offense to the little Asian penis joke in the above email, and for that the Cock Brothers apologize (although it factual that race does have an effect on average penis length, both flaccid and erect, but there is no need to worry: the Cock Brothers love all sizes and shapes of, well, cock."

Well, anyway, thank you CBT and good luck.

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