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TSM Radio (Show 2 -English Review-) 

In Show #2 of TSM Radio,their old pal Kendra Jade will be on the show as a guest with Alisan Porter. Stu,The Cable Guy Jeff,Jamie Rise,and Joey Nicks (hey,where is Ely Rise?) will talk to them. What will they talk about? Just listen to it and enjoy.....

Here's my short review:
(I think they talks a lot but it's fun to listen.)
Everytime I listen when they (guys) say "ohhhhhhh",I laugh and think "wow what a show!!" Stu asked Kendra about some kind of crazy stuff and that was crazy (and funny) lol (By the way,I liked when they were choosing songs.....Joey was picking the TSM song of his choice.)

Well,Stu mentioned TSMland Message Board members and said hello to them. And he talked about his Japanese fan called "Haruka"(You know who she is.....yeah it's me!) a little. (Thanks Stu!!) Then they kept continuing the conversation over and over ("the Star Magazine",etc.) and got the music break sometimes,and showed some TSM classic music and their pal's ones.

I won't write the whole things about this Show #2 because I don't understand what they said sometimes LOL I just wanted to say.....thanks for mentioning me guys!!:)

It took a lot of time to finish listening....but I enjoyed it a lot more than the first one.

Happy Birthday to Stu's mom Trudy!!:) Have a great birthday!!


TSM Radio Song List #2
"Boy Can Rhyme" - The Stone Movement
(*Exclusive Interview with Kendra Jade*)
"Popozao" - Kevin Federline
"No One Else" - The Stone Movement
(*Talking with Kendra Jade & Alisan Porter*)
"Back to Earth" - The Alisan Porter Project
(*More conversation with Kendra & Alisan*)
"Bad Reaction" - Tarzana
(*Funny conversations #1*)
"Can U Feel It" - The Stone Movement ft. Booskillz & DJ Joey Nicks
(*Funny conversations #2*)
"Concept Song" - The Stone Movement


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