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"TSM Stalker"song by Morgan & Stephanie of SSAF 

Here's the video of the song called "TSM Stalker",the parody of "Celebrity Stalker" from Blowin' Up CD. (This parody song is written & performed by Morgan & Stephanie of SSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics). They played this song on Sunday Nite Stu on March 11th and you can see Stu laughing and loving it!!

SSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics)が、「TSM Stalker」という曲を作りました。アルバム「Blowin' Up」収録曲の一つである「Celebrity Stalker」のパロディーバージョンです。


From The Sunday Nite Stu (Look for 12:00):

This is so f**in awesome and these girls are hardcore and dedicated!!

Source: SSAF MySpace blog

Special thanks to SSAF!!

Here's the official lyrics of "TSM Stalker":

"TSM Stalker"
Written by Morgan & Stephanie of SSAF (Stu Stone Addict Fanatics)

Hi my name is Steph I got a problem to share;
it's kinda personal you probably won't care see
I'm in love with Stu Stone and Cable.
I got a doll made out of Lil' Jamie's hair.

Wes and Nicole now there's a pair,
my psycho therapist says I should clear the air
for the average SSAF'er this might be a shocker,
Intern Joe called me a TSM stalker.

Hold up Bubs,you know I got some problems too;
my brain is kinda twisted like my name was Stu the Jew.
I like to go on Stickam, especially late at night.
My favorite show to stroke to gotta be Stu on Sunday Night.

Fuck Ely Rise, gimme Cable Guy,

And Trudy's pink robe; now that shit's dope.
Yo man I'm not gonna try and tone it,
I got a website fanpage for that chochem (ha-chem) who Stu Stoned it.

Stephanie: Chorus:
I love him and he loves me
why won't he talk to me.
Stalker, I ain't no stalker, stalker.
I love him and he loves me
why does he call police.
Stalker, I ain't no stalker, stalker.

I wanna slam Trugman,
hell he could be my producer,
Sporty-O too huh,
I know he won't be a miss user.
Church, Church, Church, you can have him,
I'll take A.B.S. cause with that boy
I sure as hell ain't gotta confess.

Live on Stickam you can show me the new STU-dio,
but you better make it quick cause I'll tell you who's on the radio.
It's Stuie


Now this shits getting gooey.
I'm gonna go ta Cheddas,
talk to Steph hope this shit gets betta.

Back to Steph Wise, Haruka this shit ain't cool;
I almost drowned in Josh Gray-Emmer's pool.
I'll be chillin at work,
startin to feel a perk,
dreamin of the day I can kick it with my boy Stu-art.
Straight up now
I told him my love wasn't fake,
he nodded his head
and said oh that's really great.
It ain't easy,
people think I'm sleazy;
I'd be listen to TSM Radio with Mo-Essy.


For sheezy, nothing more would please me to get Miss. Mo-Mo down on her knees.
I can't wait for my first meet with Adam Rodness,
please don't leave me.


We love him and he loves us,
we're SSAF and that's enough.

Stalkers, we ain't no stalkers, stalkers.

We love him and he loves us,
that's right he really does.

Stalkers, we ain't no stalkers, stalkers.

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