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TSM Radio [2nd Season] - Show 53 is on the air!!! 

The new season of TSM Radio has started now!!! It was a great way to start a new year on TSMLand. This is the first show of 2007.

Date: January 5, 2007
A great way to start the new year. Old friends with new friends. All puttin sumtin in da air.
This weeks show was like the earlier days on TSM Radio. Old friends with new friends. We are gonna witness the new revolution soon....... Creep's been absent for 3 weeks,and we don't know if he gets back. Actually he's in Canada now. If I'm not mistaken,Joe's gonna get his own segment?! Oh wait,Josh Gray-Emmer's back.....He hasn't been around at the "Year End Awards" because he was busy on New Years. Does he still try to takeover the show? Well,that's his new year's resolution,I'm sure. And he got a new bit - "the song introduction" [introcducing the song before it's played]. He's doing that in a great way!!

The special guest was coming - Stu's sister Dena Stone!! Welcome to the program Dena! This is the first time being on the show for her,even though she apeared on "Blowin' Up" episode with her mom Trudy. Stu interviewed her and asked her some questions: about "blowin' up" tour (I heard she was the tour manager for Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone's rap tour in 2006. Sorry if I'm mistaken.)

Hey,there is a man who walked in to the studio during the "Left One" song:his name is Young Church!! He invited three people from "The Oasis Lounge - Hookah bar" to came in to the show for smoking Hookahs lol hookah is the pipe for smoking tobacco or drugs,that cinsists of a long tube and a container of water. It originally came from India,and then Turkey,Egypt - now we can see it in Hollywood.

Look for Hookah in your dictionary!

The Oasis Lounge:

This is going to be real crazy: Hookahs,Hookahs,Hookahs. Everybody's gotta be smoking out there..... with an ounce of cooking red cush?

And - "CableGuyJeff's Fn' Five Minutes".

BUT! No e-mails this week. They decided not to read fan mails this week,and reset it just like the very first show (show 1),which CableGuy's segment weren't born yet. They sang the fn' five minutes song hilariously though. CableGuy's got some papers which fan mails were written (I guess),but he wouldn't read them. He wouldn't read the e-mail and play the hotline call from Lil' Hustla. He's gotta have the beaf from this 14-year-old boy. This hustla is banned?! Weird. And CableGuy refuse reading fan mail. (No offence.)

So,readers,if you read this recap,do you think his segment should be censored,like Josh said before?

Okay let's change the subject and mention this special surprise:


Yaaaaaaaay long time no see!! Adam Rodness aka "The Weatherman Ron" is back!! This man used to do the weather forecast every week in the earlier days but recently he hadn't around......until now! This week he did the weather ON LIVE!! Holy ish,that was funny!! We've been waiting for this moment:The weather is back!!!

Then the Fn' Five minutes is over now. Ron requested one of his favorite song "Strip Club Dummy" from "Blowin' up" album.


Yeah I just said whew,because I'm writing this recap listening to this Show 53 on live. Getting tired but still enjoy listening,so I'll keep doing it.

Okay let's move on to..... "Free sh*t with Josh". That's really hot,Josh!

He's got the big prize which was supposed to give away last week. You have to send 20 songs played on TSM in the past to to win the big prize pack,but nobody got it right. The big prize has to wait until Valentine's. This week,he will give away some Hookahs.

To win the surprise pack of Hookahs,you have to write two countries that Steve from "The Oasis Lounge" listed,and send in the e-mail on But I guess you already got the answer,didn't you? Those who sent it correctly is gonna win the prize - Good luck!!

That's all for this weeks' Josh's free sh*t,brought to you by AirParty.

When "Celebrity Stalker" finished playing,it's time to express their mind and thoughts loud on the mic.

Young Church,"Joe The Inturn"(His actual name is Joe Reiver - Oh my god!! How stupid am I not knowing his name?? I mean,when the Weatherman Ron asked me if I knew Joe Reiver,I wouldn't know him,because I didn't have enough time to listen to the show. Yes I know he was on Show 52 but still didn't figure out who he is..... Plus I was too busy at the part-time job during the winter break. I'm so sorry Joe,but now I know you.),Justin Trugman,Adam Rodness(aka Ron The Weatherman.....Ron),Dena Stone (Stu's sister),Steve & the other people (from The Oasis Lounge),and Diana Salvatore(the actress from Toronto,Canada),Josh Gray-Emmer,Tara(Dena's friend) shouts Happy New Year.

It was a cool show with some Hookahs lol No music of the atrists from outside world of TSMLand this week. We heard the classic music inside of the world. I think they should keep playing old school track of TSM,because this show is The Stone Movement(TSM) Radio.

.....I guess that's really all for today. Goodnight everybody!! See you next week!!

show53adamrod.jpg show53denaandadam.jpg show53denanadstu.jpg show53justinandjoe.jpg show53stun.jpg

The Song List [Show 53]
"Home Team" - Sporty O
"Hard Way"[New Version] - Alisan Porter
"Left One"[Clean Version] - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
"High" - The Stone Movement
"Oh My God" - Young Church
"Strip Club Dummy" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
"Celebrity Stalker" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
"The Answer" - Lou Dawson

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