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Show 52 - Year End Awards!!!! 

Yay!! SHOW 52 = 1 YEAR BABY!!!! Wow it's been a year already?! I miss everything about what's happened in 2006........

Here are the result of the "End Year Award"...... there are too many memories out there which I couldn't mention. Yes,too many good times,goooood times.......

Here is the top 10 most played songs in the last 52 weeks on TSM RADIO:

10. "Celebrity Stalker" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone

9. "Sell a Bottle" - Sebastian Cree

8. "Thought That I Knew You" (forever goodbye) - The Brothers Rise

7. "Drive" - Tarzana

6. "Back To Earth" - Alisan Porter

5. "New Hat" - Sporty O

4. "Thunder Cat" - Young Church

3. "Without You" - Lou Dawson

2. "U Not Beyonce" - Sporty O

1. "Circle Circle Dot Dot" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone

Guest of the Year
Tila Tequila (Show 30)
Kendra Jade (Show 2,4,40)
Dennis Haskins (Show 32)
Andy Milonakis (Show 38)

Flower Tucci (Show 29,44) - "That squirting b*tch!!" by KJ

Creep of the Year
Chyna (Show 40)
The Cock Brothers Team (Show 50)
Lil Hustla

Midnite (Spotlite w/ Midnite on TSM Radio......)

They played the clip from Show 13,when they met Midnite for the first time...... oh boy,that was hilarious lol

The "Find" of the Year
Crowny Scratchy Nuts

A.B.S. (TSM Radio's intro man! He's been making intro for 22 weeks [since Show 32]!! He was also the guest on Show 52!! He brought his wife Amy on the show :) Congrats on winning the award & being on the show!!)

show52abs.jpg show52jamie.jpg

After that,A.B.S.' track from his new mixtape was played.....

Then "CableGuy's Fn' Five Minutes": Three e-mails from fans(Haruka,Zakariah,and Mrs. Barbara Rise) which they sent in their awards, their loveliest hype fan man (lol) Zakariah's "12 Days of Christmas" Remix,and Big Joe's hotline call......

The Excite Moment of the Year
When Haruka got a call from TSM Radio (Show 15)

The funniest moment of the Year
When the Weatherman Ron(Adam Rodness)'s mom took the phone in the middle of his weather forecast segment(aka "TSM Weather Choppers")!!

"Adam,I need the phone for the client....."

The Segment fo the Year
CableGuy's Fn' Five Minutes

MVP of the Year on TSM TV/TSM Radio
CableGuyJeff (CGJ),of course,in many good ways. 'cause without him,there would be no TSM Radio......

And then,the last award was.......

The Listener of the Year
1.Mike from Staten Island (He's amazing..... he spread the "Your mom has the shmutzy afro" on the land,his phone calls were funny as well,,and he started his own podcast called "Project Podcast"!!)

2. Zakariah (he could be the next intro man/hype man/the revolution on the fan world lol He's got the bright future,you know!!)

3. BigJim (He created logos for TSM Radio,and he got an iPod by winning at Josh Gray-Emmer's segment "Hot Minute". oh and Zakariah won the shoes on there too,and he's a real-life winner.)

Special out outs to the other great fans who should have honable mentions:
Irene,TSMBOO,Stu's mom Trudy,Manara from Isreal,Corinna,Japan Funky Princess,Ken the Wannabe Hard Gay (wait......"Hard Gay"?! What the f***!!),Asami(Jamie Rise's big fan from Japan),Shannel nicole,Uncle Paulie,Bon,Slim Ivory,The Mars Patrol,Young Chris,Knick Knack,Amy,2livejew,PacmanPlayer,luccagoose,izzy,Vicki Nicole,Phone Sex Mariah (...remember the episode which CableGuy attempt to call the phone sex? oh man,that was funny!),Shannel Nicole,Simone,Mary B The OG and LockerLou,Megan,Valerie,Watson,Spencer,Tamara4rmTarzana,"xodumdedumox",and so on......

So who is the winner? It tears us to say but not who you think it is...... for real.

"The Listener of the Year" is.....

*drum rolls*

*drum still rolls*


Wait a minute....... Me??!!

"She even got her own theme song!" - Yeah,"Hi TSM Radio,Haruka from Japan!" song (produced by Justin Trugman.....thank you very much Justin!) was always played when CableGuyJeff read my e-mail on his fn' five minutes segment.

Plus - "Haruka Fan Song" Remix by A.B.S. & Slim Ivory!! Listen to it on

I can't believe I won the "Listener of the Year" award..... I feel honored. Thank you guys!!

I've been listening to TSM Radio since Show 1,sometimes I wrote the recap of the show,tried to catch what's been going on with TSMLand...... I'm happy to meet many friends through myspace,I'm happy to listen to the show for 52 weeks,I'm so happy to meet Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone for the first time in the US. I'm really happy to know TSM and all of their gangs!!

And please come back Tarzana,Sporty O,Alisan Porter,Wes & Nicole,and Sebastian Cree!!!!

But,seriously,2006 was the great year for all of us,especially Stu Stone. That was the most successful year and hope 2007 will be more better,great one.

Big ups to everyone who kept listening to the show..... Hope you guys won't stop and keep up your move!!

Take care!!

- Haruka from Japan

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