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Happy 50th TSM Radio!!!! 

Happy 50th TSM RADIO!!!! Wow. They've been airing the show for 50 weeks/12 months?! Amazing.

(And this site "Stu Stone Online" has 1st anniversary!! xD)

Show 50 (December 15, 2008):
From MTV's The Hills. Brian Drolet & Jordan Eubanks. Plus Nic Nac & The Cock Brothers Team. happy 50th TSM Radio.

This weeks guests were.....
Brian Drolet & Jordan Eubanks (From MTV show "The Hills")
Nic Nac
The Cock Brothers Team (CBT)

Here are the pictures from the show!!

show50stuandtheothers.jpg show50stuandnicnac.jpg show50stuandcbt.jpg

Stu said Show 52 is gonna be amazing and "Circle Circle Dot Dot" music video will be coming soon in 2 weeks! And plus,he's going to Fallujah,Iraq?! (For real?!?!) :O
The show was great as always but let me note about "The Cock Brothers Team" on the show.


CBT is the real-life brothers and they are gay rappers(according to themselves). They've been complaning about Jamie Kennedy's song from "Blowin' Up" album,and they made a rap song "F*ck Jamie Kennedy". They didn't like the song called "Bologna". In this song,Jamie Kennedy sings as the gay rapper "Blaine" the hip-hop enthusiast. They mentioned one word from the lyrics: "f*g*ts". They told us why they didn't like it. They also mentioned the infamous critic who appeard on G4's Attack of the Shows,and really didn't like "Blowin' Up". (Jamie Kennedy called him "f*g","gay",etc.)

From wikipedia:
The Blowin' Up album was cited by critic Peter Grumbine in his review for it in GIANT Magazine as being "more offensive to the African-American community than slavery".

This particular comment caused Kennedy to confront Grumbine on the set of G4TV's Attack of the Show, where both were guests that day. According to an article in GIANT Magazine by Grumbine, Kennedy attempted to ambush the critic with a film crew for an upcoming documentary he is making about hecklers and critics. After this attempt failed, and he was intelligently picked apart by Grumbine, Kennedy resorted to calling him "gay", a "fag", and a "queer".

The situation escalated further when a visably shaken and bothered Kennedy appeared on Attack of the Show, and after a few moments of typical banter, began to ask if he was funny, and if G4 had made a mistake picking up the syndication rights of his show, The Jamie Kennedy Xperiment. He then went on to say that Peter Grumbine thought he had no talent, and invited Grumbine, who was still onset, to join them and discuss this. Grumbine went on to tell Jaime that his album was offensive to African Americans, and that he should issue an apology. Kennedy then said he would, if 50% of the viewers emailed G4TV to say they were offended. According to Grumbine, soon after the show aired, G4TV locked threads on their forums denouncing Kennedy and his album. One possibility for this would be out of fear that it would reflect badly on the comedian, and therefore endager the ratings for the re-runs of his show on the G4 network.

You can Peter Grumbine's article on the incident, entitled "I Killed Kennedy".

Jamie Kennedy told GIANT Magazine he would be writing a rebuttal to Grumbine's statements about his career and recent album, but has as of yet failed to do so.

CBT trackbacked and counterpointed many times. "He called us f*g*t"....."Jamie Kennedy calls haters "f*g","gay",..." then arguments over and over again. Things were heating up!! Stu was trying to stay the whole things to be impartial,and it was a good job. Much more respect to him!!

Well I'm not saying CBT is bad(their music is okay),but I don't think Jamie Kennedy is trying to offend anyone. All we have to say must be "Thanks for being on the show CBT!" after all.

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