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Zak H. sent this in:,

Joanie Laurer and Christy Hemme have been two of the featured guests on the radio show/podcast "TSM Radio", hosted by rapper/actor Stu Stone (rap partner of Jamie Kennedy in the MTV show and album entitled "Blowin' Up").

Chyna was featured (along with former adult superstar Kendra Jade) in Show 40. Chyna is excessantly drunk, or on something at the very least, from the drop of the hat. Insanity ensues, Joanie molests some people, but somewhere in the show there's a serious discussion about her wrestling history. And then her pill case pops out. Very entertaining, if not hectic.

On Show 42, the most recent show, TNA Knockout Christy Hemme hangs out (for the entire show), talks about her days dancing at biker rallies, her TNA and WWE history, runs down the Bound for Glory PPV, and talks about Kurt Angle's impact (no pun) on TNA, as well as Samoa Joe's push and his deserving personality.

On both shows, the ladies hang out for the entire show and sit in on other segments in the routine. Christy sitting in on "The Creep's Seven Minutes In Hell" is especially entertaining.

Warning: TSM Radio tends to be graphic in their language. Coarse language, sexual discussion and some slight religious humor is used at times. Listener discretion is advised.

To listen, search for "TSM Radio" in iTunes' Podcast directory, go to, or listen to the latest show in the player at

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