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Happy 40th TSM Radio!! (Show #40) 

数ヶ月振りにTSM Radioの感想を書こうと思います。英語と日本語の両方で書くので少々長めになりますが・・・。

I'm going to write the recap in English and Japanese. I hope you'll like it and let me know what you think....

Air Date: October 6th
All hell had broken loose. Gates are breaking, condoms are dying and Lil Jamie is getting molested. Kendra Jade and China are in the building. Listen at your own risk.

Watch A.B.S. doing intro for TSM Radio Show #40:

First of all, Happy 40th TSM Radio!!!! The show has been airing for 40 weeks!! Show 40 was TSM Radio's 40th birthday celebration. Congrats!! The show is getting widespread. They've got a lot of ultimate supporters from all over the world! Not only it is the worth listening show but "the gateway to success" for tons of unknown talented artists. And recently they got their intro man called A.B.S. (Check him out on .) It's not be too late to be on the show as a guest for them (like the case of The Mars Patrol on Show 36!!).

TSM Radioが先週(6日)で40週目を迎えました!番組が始まったときから毎週ずっと聴いて、感想のメールを送り続け、TSM RadioにThe Mars PatrolをMyspaceで宣伝し続けたかい(?)があって、なんとTMPがスコットランドからLAにやって来て番組にゲスト出演!(管理人はLAに行けませんでした・・・。)それにしても、TSM Radioがまだメジャーではないアーティストの音楽を紹介するバラエティー番組にまで成長し、世界中にファンがたくさんできて、司会のStu Stoneが自らのテレビ番組を持って・・・ということは誰にも予想できなかったはず。これからもTSM Radioやそれに関わっている人達みんなを応援していきたいと思っています。

Show 40 was totally out of control and insane. The gates were broken,"flying condoms",and Lil Jamie was getting molested?! Kendra Jade -- who was the first guest on TSM Radio history -- and Chyna was in the building. Kendra kept showin' her hates for Flower Tucci (Flower was the guest on Show 29 and that episode was disgusting.). She shouted,"Flower Tucci F***er! I hate Flower Tucci,that SQUIRTING B*tch! Don't ever look at her,Stuart!" I thought Kendra was a little bit tipsy. Chyna kept drumming,and she mentioned the name of the former Japanese wrestler called "Antonio Inoki" at the end of the show(when I called the hotline),and Ely's "7 Minutes in Heaven",etc......Ely was such a fantastic performer!!


今回のゲストはKendra Jade(ポルノ女優でTSMの元メンバーでStuの元カノ)とChyna(WWEの選手だったそうです!)がゲストでしたが、この2人の登場の仕方がすごい!!まずKendra。彼女はスタジオ前の門に車をぶつけて壊すわ、「Flower Tucci f***er!! I hate Flower Tucci,that SQUIRTING b*tch! Don't ever look at her,Stuart!!」とわめくわ・・・(ちなみにStuの母親TrudyもFlower Tucciは嫌いだって言ってます。)絶対彼女は酔っ払ってたと思う。しかもChynaはドラムを叩きまくってるし・・・もうムチャクチャ。そのあともChynaがJamie Riseをジェイミー・ケネディだと勘違いしたり彼を誘惑したり(というか痴漢行為に近いことをしていて、Jamieは「Oh my Lord...」と繰り返してかなり戸惑っていました。)・・・等の大騒ぎの連続でした。一体全体どうしちゃったの?!
YoutubeでShow #40の動画がUP!!

Show 40 (Out of control)


Show 40 - Ely's 7 Minutes in Heaven

Ely Rise played the original music just for TSM Radio. It wasn't "7 Minutes in Hell" but "Heaven". He's got amazing fingers..... Now we can see his musical talents!! That was brilliant Ely!!!
いつも「Creepy」と言われているEly RiseがTSM Radioのためだけにオリジナルの曲を7分間キーボードで演奏。彼は天才です・・・。素晴らしいパフォーマンスでした!50週目に彼が何をするか楽しみです。(Show 30の時も7分間演奏していました・・・実際は8分間だったのですが 笑)

Show 40 "Happy 40th"

Everybody singing Happy Birthday!! Sing along with them as they sing!!!:)
みんなで「Happy Birthday」を合唱しています(笑)

The old school TSM music were finally played again!! "One Crazy B*tch","No One Else","Stone Movement"...... I want to hear their music more like "Concept Song","Boy Can Rhyme","3 O'clock High","Tradition",and so on.......

Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stoneの音楽もいいけど、やっぱりThe Stone Movementの曲も久しぶりに聴くと、キャッチーなものが多いのでもう一度聴きたくなります。Stuがソロで歌った「Baby Blue」や「Concept Song」が聴きたくなりました。「Concept Song」では彼の声が少しセクシーっぽいので聴く度にドキドキした記憶があります。

いろいろありましたが、これからもTSM Radioをよろしくお願いします!!

Here's the tracklist on Show 40:

1. "One Crazy B*tch" - The Stone Movement
2. "Car Rear" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
3. "The Answer" - Lou Dawson
4. "No One Else" - The Stone Movement
5. "Back to Earth" - The Alisan Porter Project
6. "P-Vader Strikes Back" - P-Vader
7. "Pon De Dance Floor" - The Stone Movement
8. "Mattress Mack" - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
(*Ely's 7 Minutes in Heaven*)
9. "Stone Movement" - The Stone Movement

(Actually,"One Crazy B*tch" was the first song which was ever played on Show 1!!)

Thanks for always listening and showing your continuted love & support. TSM Radio loves you!!!!

[Extra - E-mail from "Haruka from Japan"]
Happy 40th Week Anniversary!!! Happy 40th BirthWeek TSM Radio!!! The show was very out of control. What a insanely crazy show. It was a lot of fun to listen to though. But it was totally insane that China was gonna rape Jamie's ass. Hearing the show,all I thought was just "Oh geez...... thats insane. What on earth was going on there?" I can't believe Kendra Jade knows me. I thought she sounded like she got kind of drunk. I sort of agree with her about Flower Tucci. I think China is awesome. I was surprised to hear she mentioned the former Japanese wrestler. I bursted out laughing. I loved "7 Minutes in Heaven". In my count,it was 6 minutes but I don't care. We heard Ely's amazing musical talent again! When I heard it,I was speechless. It was beautiful and it's worth listening. I want to see you perform on live,Ely!! When I called in,I was panicked. Plus I always get nervous when I speak English. Please forgive me. Keep playing TSM music because I love it very much. I really want to hear it more. "No One Else" is the best. I can't wait for the next anniversary (Show #50) already lol Big love from Haruka P.S. Big Jim is the super-creative man and I loved all of his logos. Mike from Staten Island's podcast is funny. Keep it up Mike!!

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