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INSANE 40x Salvia trip LIVE on Sunday Nite Stu (9/21/2008) 

Stu Stone & CableguyJeff solved the mystery of Salvia LIVE on the nets HOTTEST show -The Sunday Nite Stu LIVE on

you can watch the ENTIRE uncut FULL SCREEN clip by going to -

Sunday Nite Stu with Stu Stone airs LIVE every sunday night at 9pm PST/Midnight EST on

Do NOT try this at home.

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Stu Stone's previous event articles: Osris/Festival of Children/The 2007 Kids Choice Awards 

Osris' Celebrity Guests [ - May 31,2007

Photo: Stu Stone & TSM Radio Crew

Festival of Children Benefit Doubles as Supper Club Soiree at Savannah [ - March 13,2008]
....Attendees were SoCal celebutantes like music producer Jamie Rise and actor Stu Stone. The dress de rigueur was cocktail-meets-cabaret attire for the ladies, which was curve-hugging dresses and bustier tops, while men wore the more standard button-downs and jackets. "

Photo: Jamie Rise and Stu Stone
Festival of Children Foundation:

The 2007 Kid's Choice Awards Celebrates 20 Fabulous Years With Distinctive Assets Talent Lounge [ - April 7,2007]

About: The 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards Talent Gift Lounge
Photo: Stu Stone interviews Barry Knapp, the founder of Darmacia

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Updates on 9/17 

Linksの"Webmastress' Favorite Links"にRydia様のサイトmissing...を追加。

Added this following website at the Links section!


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Kaz James - We Hold On [Behind the Scenes] 

Kaz takes you behind the scenes of his video shoot for We Hold On, the follow-up single to Breathe. Stu Stone interviews with Billy Parks (video producer) and James Larese(video directer), and then shows us something called "Hollywood Magic". You can see the "Breathe dance" during the behind-the-scenes footage.

Kaz Jamesのソロ・プロジェクト第二弾となる『We Hold On』のPVの舞台裏がYouTubeで公開中!Stu StoneがPVの監督であるJames Larese氏やプロデューサーのBilly Parksとインタビューしたり、撮影現場を案内したり、撮影に飛び入り参加して"Breathe dance"をやったりします。

この曲はシングルカットされ、EPがiTunes Australiaやで発売されています。

iTunes Australia

"We Hold On" music video - Click on the image below!

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Updates on 9/10 

1. 素材サイト「フリー素材桔梗屋」をLinksの"Special Thanks"に追加。

Added this following website at the Links section!

(Webmaster: 桜 様)


2. レイアウトを変更。相変わらずシンプルですが・・・

I have changed the layout although it is still simple....

3. NewsMusicTSM TVを更新。

Updated News, Music, and TSM TV!!

Photos内の"Movies"に「Kickin' It Old Skool」と「Bitten」からの画像を追加しました!

Added photos from "Kickin' It Old Skool" & "Bitten (aka "Lady Is A Vamp") at "Movies" page @ the Photos section!

To see new photos, click on the image below!

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Intervew at the Backstage @ The Roxy 

[July 2008]

Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Stu Stone & JoJo from kiisfm at The Roxy for Buzzin

Check out Stu Stone backstage at The Roxy with Cisco Adler and Shwayze. As they film the last episode of their MTV show "Buzzin". Featuring JOJO from Kiisfm.

TSMTV - Stu Stone interviews Shwayze from Mtv's Buzzin
Stu Stone sits with Shwayze backstage at The Roxy after an amazing performance for the MTV show "Buzzin". (BGM: "Buzzin'" by Shwayze)

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"Pope Dreams" DVD!! 

Stuが2005年に出演した映画「Pope Dreams」がついにDVD化されました!Amazon.comやDVD Fantasiumで発売中です。DVD Fantasiumでは日本円で輸入盤DVDを購入することができます。 Click here to buy
DVD Fantasium: Click here to buy


なんとこの作品は、福井県で2007年10月5日(金)~7日(日)まで開催された「国際平和映画祭 JAPAN in こしの都」で上映されていたのです!その時の邦題は『ローマ法王の夢』。

Source: PR(プレスリリース)エンジン & 国際平和映画祭 JAPAN in こしの都

Past article: Pope Dreams

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Tour Info [Fall 2008] 



Nov 22 2008 10:00P
STU STONE & KAZ JAMES LIVE at RNA Showgrounds @ Brisbane

Nov 23 2008 10:00P
STU STONE & KAZ JAMES LIVE at Sydney Showgrounds @ Sydney

Nov 29 2008 4:00P
STU STONE & KAZ JAMES LIVE at Bonythan Park @ Adelaide

Nov 29 2008 10:00P
STU STONE & KAZ JAMES LIVE at Melbourne Showgrounds @ Melbourne

Nov 30 2008 10:00P
STU STONE & KAZ JAMES LIVE at Claremont Park @ Perth

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