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Tour Dates 

[Update: Jan. 18,2008]

January 17th, 2008 - Herman's Hideaway (Denver, Colorado)
Daddy's Pajama Jam w/ special guest Young Church and DJ Bakdraft
Doors open at 8:30
Tickets: $15 advance , $20 at the door
Official Website | MySpace page

January 18th, 2008 - The Ski Bar (Vail, Colorado)
Live w/ special guest Young Church and DJ Bakdraft | The Ski Bar Profile Page

denverhideaway.jpg VailSHow.jpg

ところで、Herman's Hideawayのオフィシャルサイトのトップページに書いてあるライブ日程を見ると、17日のところでとんでもない間違いを発見!

Thursday, January 17th - Daddy's Pajama Jam
Stupid Def Productions Presents: Stew Stone - L.A. CA., Young Church - L.A. CA., Justin Tugman - L.A. CA., Jay Playa - Denver, Pro Doc - Denver, With Special Guest: Glitter N' Grime Go Go Dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stu StoneのはずがStew Stoneに、Justin TrugmanのはずがJustin Tugmanになってる(笑)StuとStewは確かに発音は同じですが・・・(stewは「シチュー」という意味)。

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TSM Radio Show 105!!(1st show of 2008!) 

1st show of 2008. And what better way to start it off then The Creep stopping by. Plus we talk about the big 2 year show and more.

TSM Radioも三年目に突入!2008年最初のゲストはザ・ラスト・グッドナイト(The Last Goodnight)のカーティス・ジョン(vo.)とイーライ・ライズ(keyboard)、Nick Carpenter等。イーライのニックネームは"The Creep"だそうです。何故でしょうね?(笑)カーティスとイーライはShow 92にも出演しています。→詳細はこちら。Show 92のところに写真、音源、動画が載っています。

Special guest: Kurtis John & Ely Rise from The Last Goodnight, etc.

Category: TSM Radio Season 3

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TSM Radio's Show 104 as 2 Year Anniversary! 

Happy 2 Year Anniversary TSM!!!!

December 30,2007:
TSM Radio goes LIVE for the 2 Year celebration on The Sunday Nite Stu Stickam page. There were live performances & interviews with DIRT NASTY, ANDRE LEGACY, YOUNG CHURCH, JOHNNIE NEWMAN and STU STONE! Plus Fan of the Year was announced.... It was JimMuhFuckin! Congrats!!!!

But I didn't know Dirt Nasty was Simon Rex....hahaha


But my favorite scene was when CableGuyJeff singing Circle Circle Dot Dot on the mic... lol

- Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy -
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy talk to Stu Stone on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Animal Lover" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "1980" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Baby Dick" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Mondrian" Live on TSM Radio

- Johnnie Newman w/ Bonnie McKee -
Johnnie Newman "OK" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman "Miracle" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman "They Set You Up" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman talks to Stu Stone on TSM Radio 2 Year

- Young Church & L Gang -
Young Church & L Gang perform Live on TSM Radio 2 Year

- Stu Stone & friends -
Stu Stone CableGuyJeff & friends perform at TSM 2 Year
-- 続きを読む --

Category: TSM Radio Season 2

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