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NEW Stu Stone track! 

Check out Stu's new track from his upcoming album. The track is called "I'd like to know".

Click the link below to hear!

And the great news - Stu's sister Karie had a baby lately and Trudy (Stu and Karie's mom) is as grandmother, Stu is as uncle for a second time! Mazel Tov!!

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Lucy Walsh Interviewed on Stu Stone's Show ( 

Lucy WalshがTSM Radio Show 90に出演した事に関する記事です。


Lucy Walsh Interviewed on Stu Stone's Show

September 25, 2007 06:36:26 GMT
by Staff Writer

New act ready to make a breakthrough, Lucy Walsh has just engaged in an interview with Stu Stone in the DJ's TSM Radio show. During the talk that is co-hosted by Andy Milonakis, the singer revealed how her famous father affects her musically and what would her album 'Lost in the Lights' be like.

Lucy has digitally released a single called 'So Uncool' from the debut album on August 21 and she is currently in process of completing a music video for the song which will be released in near future.

Lucy, the daughter of Eagles' guitarist Joe Walsh, owns a distinct sound in pop genre. She has the 80s element put into her music, audible in her other track called 'Crash' that samples on Naked Eyes' 'Always Something There to Remind Me'.

'Lost in the Lights' will be released on December 4. Apart from the lead single and 'Crash', some tentative songs that will go to the album are 'Awful Sorry' and title track 'Lost In The Lights', the latter being the artist's "most dear".

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Interview w/ Lucy Walsh on TSM Radio Show 90 


Check out up and coming pop singer Lucy Walsh on Stu Stone’s TSM Radio Show! Lucy, daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh, is crashing into the pop world on her own with her first single “So Uncool.” Listen to Lucy talk about her growing up with Joe, her classical training as a musician, and debut album Lost In The Lights out December 4th. (From

EglesのギターリストJoe Walshの娘Lucy WalshがTSM Radioに出演!父親と同じくアーティストとしての道を(地道ながら)歩んでいます。「Guilty」「Lullaby」 「Midnight Obsession」といった新曲がインタビューで公開されています。Lucyのデビューアルバム「Lost In The Lights Out」が12月4日にリリース決定(のちに来春まで延期されますが・・・)!以下のリンクでインタビューが聴けます。



Official Site
MySpace (Lucy's 1st fansite)

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