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It is very sad to hear Stu's beloved grandmother has passed away recently, and we are sorry about their loss. Our thoughts and prayers with Stu and his family.....

Stu and SSAF wrote a blog about this:
Stu's blog
SSAF's blog

(This pic above is the picture of Stu, his grandmother "Buddy" and his grandfather at his grandparents' 60th anniversary.)

Stu is in Toronto to support his family now.

Reading SSAF's blog, one of the blog comments made me shed my tears.

"....It does make us stronger in a way. Also they leave us with something...thier laughter, smiles, all the wonderful memories we hold onto. Even though it is such a tough time and it seems the saddness will never leave us, but now they are all hanging out watching over us. Smackin us up side the head when we need it."

I've been thinking about Stu and his family and how they must be feeling about this. I don't know about them personally, but I understand how sad it must be. I lost my grandparents when I was younger and we cried a lot,especially my mother. Remembering the good times and bad times, we realized how they were important in our life.....

We hope he will be back stronger and we can see his awesome smile again.

(And yes Stu, laughter is the best medicine.)

Stuの祖母の"Buddy"さんが最近お亡くなりになったという悲報が届きました。Stuの公式MySpaceブログやSSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics)のブログでもこの事が書かれてありました。現在Stuは家族のいるカナダ・トロントにいます。





Lots of love,

Haruka from Japan xxx

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Hello SS fans! Sorry I haven't been around here lately but I have been so busy with a lot of school stuff & job hunting preparations. I'll get more stuff coming soon only on this site!!


そのうちの一つで、どうしても書く事ができなかったSunday Night Stu presents LIVE Boxing Fightでの結果ですが、勝ったのはIntern Joe!!私はライブ中継を見逃してしまいましたが、後日試合を見た友人に試合の様子はどうだったか聞いてみたところ・・・

"This is how it went from my point of view.
For rounds 1-4 John was beating the crap outta Joe. Joe had a few good hits but still. Then in round 5 John knocked Joe down for a fourth time! Stu was the ref. He counted for Joe to get up really slow. John didn't like that. So he started yelling at Stu. Then Stu got mad and punched John in the gut really hard. Then Joe came in and murdered it out on...John's head. Then later when John woke up. Stu was like...."YOOOOOOOOUR FIIIIIRED!!!!!" Then John went after Stu. But Joe stepped in. People in the chat room were saying that Joe was going to win because Stu was on his side."

The Sunday Night Stu LIVE Boxing Fight Recap - "Game Over"


ロサンゼルスにあるボクシング会場で、試合が初めてネット中継されました!Stuは司会兼レフェリー、Jamie Riseはアナウンサー、Mogan・Andy Milonakis・Justin Trugmanはジャッジ・パネラー、CableGuyJeff・Jordan Eubanks・Nikkiはコメンテーターを務めました。


JohnがJoeに思いっきりパンチを食らわせたらJoeが倒れて動けなくなってしまった。そしてレフェリーのStuがなぜかスローでカウント!Johnの時は思いっきり早かったのに?!それに怒ったJohnはStuに何か怒鳴っていた。(多分「F*ck off!」?)ブチ切れたStuはJohnに激しくパンチしたと同時にJoeが起き上がってとどめのパンチ!一気に逆転してしまい、成すすべもなく崩れ落ちるJohn。そして彼はそのまま動かなくなり、遂に・・・アウト!見事Joeの勝利!!



チャンピオンベルトを身に着けているJoe。みんなは勝利を喜んでいる・・・。実は会場にいたスタッフのほぼ全員がJoeの味方だったということが後で判明します。StuもJamie RiseもYoung Chruchもみんな・・・。


「You are fired!!(お前はクビだ!!!)」


1. 多くは結果に怒って「もうSunday Night Stuなんて二度と見るか!」と言った(Johnを応援していた人が多かった。)
2. 結果に喜び(または悲しみ)、「あの試合は実に素晴らしく面白いエンタテイメントだった!これからも面白い番組であってほしい。来週も見るぞ!」と言った。



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Show 77 

It's time for a break. Sit back and relax to the fine music that we play on our humble show.

The tracklist: Click here

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Show 76 

On Show 76, your SNS World Champion brings us musical guest The Street Drum Core. Plus letters with CableGuyJeff and more. Enjoy.

The guest: Street Drum Corps

joethesnswinner.jpg bobbyalt.jpg all76.jpg

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The Live Boxing Fight - Intern vs. Intern - TONIGHT!! 


Two interns will be fighting in the boxing match LIVE LIVE LIVE on The Sunday Nite Stu starting 9PM PST on JUNE 10!!!!

The fight ends all nights!

Guess who will win?

Watch to find out!

Which team are you on: Team Joe or Team John?


10日午後9時(日本時間:11日午後1時)に、Intern JoeとIntern Johnが遂にボクシングで直接対決!しかもその試合の模様がStickam(The Sunday Nite Stu)でライブ中継!!もう行き着くところまで行きましたか・・・。こうなったら試合の行方をただただ見守るしかありません。私はJohnを応援します!!頑張れJohn!!!!

The Sunday Nite Stu:

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Young Church music features on movie! 

Consider yourself invited to the Movie Premiere of the Turn Soul Films production "I'm Through With White Girls" at the Hollywood Black Film Festival (Fine Arts Thearte) Fri, June 8th, 9pm.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The film features Young Church's hit song "That's That Gangsta" from the forth coming album "Get Church or Die Prayin' Vol.1"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That's what it do........Young Church - "Preaaaach!"

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Private show by Young Church and Stu Stone! 

Jun 6, 2007 9:57 AM
Subject: Show Tonight!

Live performance 2nite, Marina Del Rey, California....

Young Church & Stu Stone along with DJ Joey Nicks.....

On stage together for the 1st time!

MTV's Exposed Wrap Party...(private event)

If u already know....Chuuuuch!

If u aint knowin'.....Get familiar!

YOUNG CHURCH ~ Preaaaach!

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