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Stu performing in Iraq!! 

ジェイミー・ケネディ、Stu、ラッパーのPaul Wall、Bill Dawes(俳優・コメディアン)、John Parkinson(ジェイミーの個人アシスタント)、"Mrs. Robinson"(Warner Bros. Recordsのチーフ)、DJ Joey Nicksがペルシャ湾地域に駐屯する米軍基地を慰問することが決まり、一行は19日にアメリカを出発しました。

これはUnited Services Organization(米軍サービス機関《軍隊慰問活動を行なう民間の非営利組織》 )が行っている活動の一環で、参加したアーティストは世界各地に軍務に就いている米兵のためにステージパフォーマンスを披露することになります。過去に参加したアーティスト・有名人はキャリー・アンダーウッドやウィルマー・ヴァルデラマ、アル・フランクリン、マスターP(Master P.)やリル・ロメオ(Lil' Romeo)、ロックグループのシャインダウン(Shinedown)など。

Source:USO's MySpace

Feb. 12, 2007 - Sometimes actor, sometimes rapper and always funny Jamie Kennedy will soon embark on his first USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour to the Persian Gulf region to perform for service members. Kennedy will be joined by rapper Paul Wall, comedian Bill Dawes, Stu Stone, DJ Joey Nicks and breakdancer Casper on "Jamie Kennedy's Hip-Hop Comedy Tour."

Currently preparing to begin promoting his latest film, "Kickin' It Old Skool," Kennedy is known for his role as Randy Meeks in Wes Craven's "Scream" and "Scream 2," and the hit television show "The Jamie Kennedy Experience." Last spring, Kennedy produced and starred in "Blowin' Up," a comedic reality series for MTV about achieving his dreams of becoming a rapper. He also has published an autobiography "Wannabe…A Hollywood Experiment" and toured the country performing stand-up comedy.

Paul Wall hit the scene when he appeared in "Still Tippin'," the No 1 single from rapper Mike Jones. The single's success led to the release of "The Peoples Champ," Wall's first major label album, which debuted No. 1 on the Billboard charts and reached platinum status. His sophomore album, "GET MONEY – STAY TRUE," will be released April 3. Wall also will be on the 2007 Honda Civic Tour, featuring rock band Fall Out Boy, later this year.

This tour continues the USO's tradition of bringing celebrities to troops stationed far from home. Entertainers who recently participated in USO tours include David Alan Grier, Carrie Underwood, Wilmer Valderrama, Jo Dee Messina, Al Franken, Bill Engvall, Craig Ferguson and Henry Rollins.

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Nettwerk Music Group's Grand Opening on Stickam hosted by Stu Stone on Feb. 8!! 


Stu Stone will be broadcasting & doing the coverage live on Stickam again!! He'll be hosting hosting the Nettwerk LA & SYNC Grand Opening on Stickam tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST - 11pm PST/2pm EST!! The show will features the performances & interviews from The Submarines,Griffin House,Stefy and the other special guests!!

Stuが再びStickamで生ライブ中継!今度は8日(西海岸:午後7時/東海岸:午後10時~西海岸:午後11時/東海岸:午後2時。日本時間では9日の正午から。)に「Nettwerk LA & SYNC Grand Opening」というライブショーで司会をします!The SubmarinesGriffin HouseStefy等のバンドによる生演奏&インタビューが行われます!!他にもスペシャルゲストが出演するらしいのですが、それは見てのお楽しみ・・・。

Nettwerk Music Group:

From Stefy (one of the bands who'll be on the show)'s myspace blog:

Watch Stefy PERFORM LIVE on starting at 9:20PM PST /12:20PM EST this Thursday, Feb. 8! Be sure to stick around for the interview right after and ask the band questions via the chat widget!!

Hosted by MTV's "Blowin' Up" star, Stu Stone, the broadcast will also feature performances and interviews from The Submarines (, Griffin House ( and other special guests!

Don't forget to tune in!!

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Happy 1 Month Anniversary SSAF!!!! 

7日は、SSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics)がスタートしてちょうど一ヶ月です!


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A.B.S. Mixtape: "Booth Classics Volume One" 

A.B.S.'s new mixtape "Booth Classics Volume One" hosted by ICADON is now available!! You can order it from A.B.S. myspace page( and PayPal.

A.B.S.の新しいMixtape「Booth Classics Volume One hosted by ICADON」が今月からMyspaceやPayPalで発売、そこで注文できます。

Click here to see the tracklist!!(曲目リストはここをクリック!)

[* Some quick extra track information *]
6. Rap Class of '06[TSM Radio Edition] - aired on TSM Radio's Show 52 when A.B.S. was the guest on the show.

6曲目の「Rap Class of '06[TSM Radio Edition]」はA.B.S.がTSM Radio(show 52)にゲスト出演した時に紹介され、番組内で流れた曲。

7. Miles to Gain F/ Stu Stone - one of the upcoming track featuring Stu Stone!

7曲目の「Miles to Gain F/ Stu Stone」はStu Stoneとのコラボ曲!

21. Circle Dotz [RMX] - The A.B.S. remix version of "Circle Circle Dot Dot".

21曲目の「Circle Dotz [RMX]」は「Circle Circle Dot Dot」のリミックスバージョン。

26. All Bad Shit F/ Jamie Kennedy[T.L.B. RMX] - the remix version of the kicka$$ track featuring Jamie Kennedy (from "One More Breath" LP[2006])

26曲目の「All Bad Shit F/ Jamie Kennedy[T.L.B. RMX]」はLP「One More Breath」に収録された「All Bad Shit feat. Jamie Kennedy」のリミックスバージョン。

[* Featured Artists *]
IDACON (1,3,4,11,12,14,17,22,25)
Stu Stone (7)
J FLEXX (8,9)
ADiggz (12,16)
Big Joe (20)
Jamie Kennedy (26)

Listen to all A.B.S. music here!

Click here to make your own myspace banners from

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Bologna,Bologna,All Over The Place Contest 

Stu Stone Addict Fanatics(SSAF) announced the "Blogna,Bologna,All Over The Place Contest" on Feb. 4th on The Sunday Nite Stu. Now they have their own OFFICIAL contest!! Send in your creative/funny photos of "Bologna" (As you know,"Bologna" is also one of the tracks from Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone's album "Blowin' Up"!) to them. It's time to show your creativity..... Go and participate!!

Go to add SSAF and read THE OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES from their blog.

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The Sundance Festival 2007 [Part 2] 

aubreyfromdanitykane2andstu.jpg markecko2.jpg

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