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The CHAMPS Trade Show & Afterparty 

Wallflower & Lyssa met the whole SNS gang in Las Vegas! Thanks Wallflower for the pics! :]

Wallflower with Stu Stone:
wallandstu.jpg stuandwall2.jpg

Wallflower with CableGuyJeff:
cableandwall3.jpg cableandwall1.jpg
cableandwall2.jpg cableandwall4.jpg

Lyssa with CableGuyJeff:

At the VIP seat:
clawallcablekendra.jpg wallcablekendvip.jpg
RVDandwallkendra.jpg RVD, Kendra (Wallflower's friend) and Wallflower
Event:The Official CHAMPS After Party Featuring Beats Antique
Hosted by: Stu Stone
Time: August 18, 2010
Location: The Wasted Space (Las Vegas, Nevada)
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walflowermetstu1.jpg wallflowermetstu2.jpg
Event: The CHAMPS Trade Show
Place: The Las Vegas Convention Center [Las Vegas, NV]
Date: August 17-19, 2010

Stu Stone and his friends visit The CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas again, and Wallflower(Sunday nite Stu's 4 millionth viewer) and her friend Kendra come to see them all the way from California!

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Category: Fan Meetings in 2010

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The CHAMPS Trade Show/Wasted Wednesdays (March 2010) 

Lyssa & Gumby were the first people in the first fan meetings in 2010 (besides BMC)!

Photo credit @
Event: Wasted Wednesdays @ Wasted Space 03.03.10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Note: Lyssa (very left) made her first appearance on TSM Radio!

Photo Credit/Courtesy of CableGuyJeff
Left to right: Angela McLin, Gumby, BMC
Event: The CHAMPS Trade Show (March 2nd-4th, 2010)
Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center Bayside D (Las Vegas, NV)
Note: Gumby made his first appearance on TSM Radio as well as Lyssa. He flew over to Las Vegas to meet TSM Radio/SNS crew (He's from Bay area).

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Category: Fan Meetings in 2010

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