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TSM Radio's Show 104 as 2 Year Anniversary! 

Happy 2 Year Anniversary TSM!!!!

December 30,2007:
TSM Radio goes LIVE for the 2 Year celebration on The Sunday Nite Stu Stickam page. There were live performances & interviews with DIRT NASTY, ANDRE LEGACY, YOUNG CHURCH, JOHNNIE NEWMAN and STU STONE! Plus Fan of the Year was announced.... It was JimMuhFuckin! Congrats!!!!

But I didn't know Dirt Nasty was Simon Rex....hahaha


But my favorite scene was when CableGuyJeff singing Circle Circle Dot Dot on the mic... lol

- Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy -
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy talk to Stu Stone on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Animal Lover" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "1980" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Baby Dick" Live on TSM Radio
Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy "Mondrian" Live on TSM Radio

- Johnnie Newman w/ Bonnie McKee -
Johnnie Newman "OK" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman "Miracle" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman "They Set You Up" Live on TSM Radio
Johnnie Newman talks to Stu Stone on TSM Radio 2 Year

- Young Church & L Gang -
Young Church & L Gang perform Live on TSM Radio 2 Year

- Stu Stone & friends -
Stu Stone CableGuyJeff & friends perform at TSM 2 Year
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TSM Radio Show 103 & TSM/SNS Fan of the Year!! 

Show 103 is on the air this week!!!!

The big show is almost here. Stu talks about the possible Fans Of The Year and a Hiya from the past stops by to say hi.

The guests are Robin "Hiya Stu"'s friend Mer and Wes Brodsky.

Vote for TSM/SNS Fan of the Year 2007!!

The nominees are:

Jim Muhfuckin

Go to to vote!

More details at Stu Stone's MySpace blog

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TSM Radio's 2nd aniversity!! 

TSM Radio has reached over 100 shows/weeks! Holy sh*t!! Congrats guys!!


Coming up next: The 1st aniversary of THE SUNDAY NITE STU on!!!!

TSM Radioが今月で2年目を迎えます!と同時にSunday Nite Stuも1年目です!!


Show 100(November 30,2007):

Show 101(December 7,2007):
(Guest star: Johnnie Newman, who performed "OK" live on the show)

Johnnie Newman was a lead singer of the band TARZANA but now he's woking on solo project.
Johnnie Newman's MySpace

Show 102(December 14,2007):

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Pictures from TSM Radio! (Show 85 - Show 99) 

Show 85(August 18,2007):

Show 86(August 24,2007):
(Guest:Jeff Blue and Josh Gray-Emmer)

Show 87(August 31,2007):

Show 88(September 7,2007):
(Guest stars:Christa Campbell[Playboy Magazine cover] and Simon Rex)

Show 89(September 14,2007):
(Guest: DownSiid - the band from Texas, who performed "I" on the show!)
DownSiid on TSM Radio 89 (YouTube)
DownSiid Road To California (YouTube)

Show 90(September 21,2007):
(Guest stars:Lusy Walsh)

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Interview w/ Lucy Walsh on TSM Radio Show 90 


Check out up and coming pop singer Lucy Walsh on Stu Stone’s TSM Radio Show! Lucy, daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh, is crashing into the pop world on her own with her first single “So Uncool.” Listen to Lucy talk about her growing up with Joe, her classical training as a musician, and debut album Lost In The Lights out December 4th. (From

EglesのギターリストJoe Walshの娘Lucy WalshがTSM Radioに出演!父親と同じくアーティストとしての道を(地道ながら)歩んでいます。「Guilty」「Lullaby」 「Midnight Obsession」といった新曲がインタビューで公開されています。Lucyのデビューアルバム「Lost In The Lights Out」が12月4日にリリース決定(のちに来春まで延期されますが・・・)!以下のリンクでインタビューが聴けます。



Official Site
MySpace (Lucy's 1st fansite)

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Tylers Riot LIVE Performance on TSM Radio Show 84 


The Australian band Tylers Riot perform LIVE on TSM Radio Show 84! Watch the videos below!!

"Static"(Accoustic version):

"Black Morning Valentine" (Accoustic version):

"Keys To The City" (Accoustic version):

Official Site
Official MySpace

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Show 84: Jason Whaler,Jordan Eubanks, Andy Milonakis,Tyler's Riot performance, and Perez Hilton?!  

DSC00021a.jpg DSC00042a.jpg

Jason Whaler and Jordan Eubanks (from "The Hills")
Andy Milonakis
SupRicky06 (from YouTube) & his girlfriend
Lukas Kaiser (from
Perez Hilton (on the phone)
Tyler's Riot

See? Show 84 will be HUGE this week!! lol And the Australian rock band "Tyler's Riot" performing LIVE on TSM Radio!! Check them out at They are currently recording their debut album in DJ Lethal's studio in Hollywood. This was the first time they performed LIVE on the podcast!! Yes it was their US debut on the radio show..... You really should listen to their incredible performance!

tylersriotlive1.jpg tylersriotlive2.jpg

Watch this video below which was posted on!!

Stu Stone interviews Jason Whaler and Jordan Eubanks as they defend their friend Lauren Conrad from recent comments made by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Perez Hilton and Andy Milonakis join in on the action.

Hear Jason talk about Bai Ling, Lindsay Lohan and his alleged Sex Tape with Lauren Conrad.


Jason Wahler will be in the movie called "2 Dudes And A Dream" as "Casting Agent" with Stu Stone,Andy Milonakis, Brian Drolet, and Jordan Eubanks. Check out

DSC00050a.jpg DSC00059a.jpg

To hear the uncut and unsencored interview, go to or download it on iTunes for free. Search "TSM RADIO" or "STU STONE" on iTunes!!!!
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Show 78 

TSM Radio SHOW 78 is on the air this week! TSM Radio has been on vacation for a while and it's been a music show which you might enjoy. (But hey, don't blame on us 'cuz it's a radio show. "No music, no life", remember?)

This week is the "Remixed Edition" and it mixed up with CableGuyJeff & DJ Lethal + remixed easter egg.

Listen to it on or search it on iTunes then hear it on your PC/iPod! Hope you will enjoy it....

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