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Show 52 - Year End Awards!!!! 

Yay!! SHOW 52 = 1 YEAR BABY!!!! Wow it's been a year already?! I miss everything about what's happened in 2006........

Here are the result of the "End Year Award"...... there are too many memories out there which I couldn't mention. Yes,too many good times,goooood times.......

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Happy 50th TSM Radio!!!! 

Happy 50th TSM RADIO!!!! Wow. They've been airing the show for 50 weeks/12 months?! Amazing.

(And this site "Stu Stone Online" has 1st anniversary!! xD)

Show 50 (December 15, 2008):
From MTV's The Hills. Brian Drolet & Jordan Eubanks. Plus Nic Nac & The Cock Brothers Team. happy 50th TSM Radio.

This weeks guests were.....
Brian Drolet & Jordan Eubanks (From MTV show "The Hills")
Nic Nac
The Cock Brothers Team (CBT)

Here are the pictures from the show!!

show50stuandtheothers.jpg show50stuandnicnac.jpg show50stuandcbt.jpg

Stu said Show 52 is gonna be amazing and "Circle Circle Dot Dot" music video will be coming soon in 2 weeks! And plus,he's going to Fallujah,Iraq?! (For real?!?!) :O
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New TSM Radio & TSM TV,"Vegas Videos".... 

TSM Radio's Show #47 is on the air!

Show 47 (November 24, 2006):
This week we give thanks. Thank you.
show47a.jpg show47b.jpg show47c.jpg show47d.jpg
show47e.jpg show47f.jpg show47g.jpg

TSM TV's new episode is up on youtube!! Check out to listen to this weeks show,and TSM TV on YouTube to watch the new episode!!

TSM TVのEpisode 4がYouTubeでUP!!今回はStuがYoung Churchに連れられてやってきた理髪店で散髪をすることに・・・。さて、その結果は?!

TSM RadioがTSMの公式サイトでUPしました。TSM Radioは今週で47回目!23日はアメリカでは感謝祭(カナダでは10月の第二月曜日で、アメリカでは11月の第四木曜日。Stuは二度も感謝祭を祝ったという事になります!)、日本では勤労感謝の日でした。Stuたちは今回、17日にラスベガスのCaesers Palaceで開かれたComedy Festivalでの出来事を語ります。コンサートツアーの真っ只中で、Stuは誕生日を迎えたわけですが、ツアーのほとんどはジェイミー・ケネディのスタンダップショー。ジェイミーのスタンダップが終わるとStuがゲストとして登場し、二人で「Left Tit」という曲を披露する・・・という流れになっています(ボストンでのショーの時もそうでした)。前座を務めるのがコメディアンのBill Dawes


Currently, Stone tours off and on with Kennedy on his stand up tours, performing songs from the "Blowin' Up" album, as well as the song "The Left One", featured on Kennedy's "Unwashed" album. Shows on this tour routinely are opened by comedian Bill Dawes, and at times have had guests, such as Saget at a November 17, 2006 Las Vegas show.

Jamie & Stu performed "Left Tit" (Sounds only)
↑Stuとジェイミー・ケネディが「Left Tit」をビートボックスで披露。

Jamie Kennedy,Stu Stone,and the infamous BOB SAGET - who never performed on the concert - finally performed this dope-a$$ funny track "Rollin' W/ Saget" as a trio in Vegas!!

Stuとジェイミーは遂に、ボブ・サゲットと三人で「Rollin' W/ Saget」を披露!!ボブのラップはすごいです!!

"When I say Bob,you say Saget!"と観客と一体になって叫ぶのが最高!

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TSM Radio Logos / "Project Podcast" 

Recently some TSM Radio fans are showin' them dedicated/inspiring supports.

These following logos are created by the super fan BigJim!! He's regular of "Josh's Free Sh*t" because he always win the contest!! (He got the iPod,he shaved his head showin' the word "TSM" lol CLICK HERE TO VIEW BIGJIM's "TSM RADIO HEAD"!!)

以下のロゴは全部TSM Radioの大ファンであるBigJimが作ってくれました!Thanks!!!

stustone-2.png cableguyjeff.png creepyely liljamie Josh JKSS
sportyocopy.png youngchurch abs
slimabs-1.png mamastone-1.png
haruka loudawson justinT

tsmradiologo1.png tsmradiologo.png tsmradio
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Happy 40th TSM Radio!! (Show #40) 

数ヶ月振りにTSM Radioの感想を書こうと思います。英語と日本語の両方で書くので少々長めになりますが・・・。

I'm going to write the recap in English and Japanese. I hope you'll like it and let me know what you think....

Air Date: October 6th
All hell had broken loose. Gates are breaking, condoms are dying and Lil Jamie is getting molested. Kendra Jade and China are in the building. Listen at your own risk.

Watch A.B.S. doing intro for TSM Radio Show #40:

First of all, Happy 40th TSM Radio!!!! The show has been airing for 40 weeks!! Show 40 was TSM Radio's 40th birthday celebration. Congrats!! The show is getting widespread. They've got a lot of ultimate supporters from all over the world! Not only it is the worth listening show but "the gateway to success" for tons of unknown talented artists. And recently they got their intro man called A.B.S. (Check him out on .) It's not be too late to be on the show as a guest for them (like the case of The Mars Patrol on Show 36!!).

TSM Radioが先週(6日)で40週目を迎えました!番組が始まったときから毎週ずっと聴いて、感想のメールを送り続け、TSM RadioにThe Mars PatrolをMyspaceで宣伝し続けたかい(?)があって、なんとTMPがスコットランドからLAにやって来て番組にゲスト出演!(管理人はLAに行けませんでした・・・。)それにしても、TSM Radioがまだメジャーではないアーティストの音楽を紹介するバラエティー番組にまで成長し、世界中にファンがたくさんできて、司会のStu Stoneが自らのテレビ番組を持って・・・ということは誰にも予想できなかったはず。これからもTSM Radioやそれに関わっている人達みんなを応援していきたいと思っています。

Show 40 was totally out of control and insane. The gates were broken,"flying condoms",and Lil Jamie was getting molested?! Kendra Jade -- who was the first guest on TSM Radio history -- and Chyna was in the building. Kendra kept showin' her hates for Flower Tucci (Flower was the guest on Show 29 and that episode was disgusting.). She shouted,"Flower Tucci F***er! I hate Flower Tucci,that SQUIRTING B*tch! Don't ever look at her,Stuart!" I thought Kendra was a little bit tipsy. Chyna kept drumming,and she mentioned the name of the former Japanese wrestler called "Antonio Inoki" at the end of the show(when I called the hotline),and Ely's "7 Minutes in Heaven",etc......Ely was such a fantastic performer!!


今回のゲストはKendra Jade(ポルノ女優でTSMの元メンバーでStuの元カノ)とChyna(WWEの選手だったそうです!)がゲストでしたが、この2人の登場の仕方がすごい!!まずKendra。彼女はスタジオ前の門に車をぶつけて壊すわ、「Flower Tucci f***er!! I hate Flower Tucci,that SQUIRTING b*tch! Don't ever look at her,Stuart!!」とわめくわ・・・(ちなみにStuの母親TrudyもFlower Tucciは嫌いだって言ってます。)絶対彼女は酔っ払ってたと思う。しかもChynaはドラムを叩きまくってるし・・・もうムチャクチャ。そのあともChynaがJamie Riseをジェイミー・ケネディだと勘違いしたり彼を誘惑したり(というか痴漢行為に近いことをしていて、Jamieは「Oh my Lord...」と繰り返してかなり戸惑っていました。)・・・等の大騒ぎの連続でした。一体全体どうしちゃったの?!
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My letter for TSM Radio Show 18 

Show #18 was great!! It was like a jukebox......Cableguy,you are the best DJ!!! Thanks for playing my voice message and my "five minutes" song,calling maryb THE OG,and playing Own D'vice song!! I've been promoting many music artists including Own D'vice,The Mars Patrol,Alana Grace,and of course all of TSM Radio crews!! I'm sorry if you feel my voice message is very awkard and falter but I always become nervous when it comes to answering machine!!! Maryb was cool and I'm a little bit jealous of her promoting & managing talents. She is too lucky and I'm happy for her. Please hope if I can join "THE OG LOCKER RADIO" podcast!! Or "THE BLACKEYED OG" podcast and "THE BLACKEYED LOCKER" podcast lol I hope everybody will be back. Own D'vice and their coolest manager maryb want to say many thanks to TSM Radio!! We,Japanese fans,always love "f*ckin' five minutes" and The OG & LOCKER and "weatherman ron". I'll keep kickin' maryb's a$$ because she's the coolest mom and Jamie Kennedy's #1 fan. I love TSM and Jamie Kennedy Worlders. I can't wait to hear the song "Haruka from Japan". Bye bye from Haruka aka "The Music Promoter" & "TSM Radio Recaper" P.S. "TSM Radio Recaps" will be back soon with special guests!! And I will sing "five minutes" song and some Japanese songs on the show if you want me to.

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TSM Radio Special:Show #18 (English Version) 

You are listening to:"Look At Me Now" by Own D'vice
Click "play" and listen to the song....

Hello everyone,this is Haruka aka "TSM Radio Recaper". You're reading my special recap with SPECIAL GUESTS for Show #18. This weeks show is "CablefuyJeff's show",which is the only music show. Everyone is get out of the show.....Stu and Jamie are still in Canada to film for the movie "Kickin' It Old Skool". The Weatherman,Ely "Creepy Ely" Rise,Lou Dawson,Justin Trugman,Sporty O are not there too. This is gonna be kind of the regular radio show like your favorite DJ is playing your favorite songs on the local radio station. Yes,this is the real radio-style show this week!! Anyway,sit back,relax,and listen to the popular music of TSM Radio with CableguyJeff......

After some of the songs are played,there will be your favorite segment called....

Cableguy's Five Minutes
Well nobody's there except Haruka,go ahead!!

Haruka:Cableguy's effin five minutes.....Cableguy's effin five minutes!!! (laughing) YAY I SING IT!!

Yes you did Haruka!! You can sing it with everybody hopefully!!! Yes,one of the best segment "Five Minutes" started. Jeff read the e-mail from "tokyo_punch_girl"(well I'll give her more punch later....),Haruka,mickey,and Trudy.

Here's the e-mail I(Haruka) wrote:
First of all,WELCOME BACK ELY!!!! We missed your creepiness and you were too hilarious on the show. I hope Jamie Rise will be back to the show. I miss him. I can't believe you made a song "Haruka from Japan" it true?? I want to hear the song!! Thanks for giving me a shout out Stu!! You are one of the first person who made me like hip-hop music. Why did you think my mother was crazy because she thought Stu was cute?? By the way,get well soon Mr.Rodness!! And this weeks "five minutes" song cracked me up!! I couldn't help laughing.....what a crazy harmonize!! I hope I can join maryb THE OG & louckerlou's f*ckin' funny The OG and locker,count me in.....I know there is the time difference though!! I want you guys to play The Mars Patrol & Own D'vice songs on TSM Radio sometime.....they listen to the show and they love it. Have a good night!! Sayonara(Bye-bye)!! From Haruka aka "The Music Promotor" or "blackeyedsoul"

P.S. Say hello to Midnite and tsmboo. I like them!! Cableguy,you always do a great and wonderful job and I respect you.

Yes,that's right,I admire Cableguy's work!! He is the great DJ:)

"The OG Locker Radio" Mini-Podcast
The new show which is the small part of TSM Radio has's called "The OG Locker Radio" aka "Maryb & Lockerlou's F*ckin' Funny Podcast" show lol They talk about some topics hilariously and they will make you a big laugh!!!! The show is from the TSM Radio hotline from maryb & lockerlou. You know,they are from Jamie Kennedy World and they are ALMOST alike,so that's why they are such a great team. Once they get into a conversation,you won't be able to miss it!! There will be the special guest every week probably.....;) I'll recap this f**kin' funny podcast show if you like.

This week,they were talking about music industry.....I laughed from beginning to end. These guys are f*ckin' hilarious!!! LoL

Jeff had to cut off the show because it was too long lol The conversation about music goes on,goes on,goes on....... Count me in biyach!!

Calling The OG / The OG's music management & promotions - Own D'vice
Jeff finally called the world-famous fan called Maryb THE OG from Jamie Kennedy World.....She sounded half-asleep when he called her. But after that,she did a great job......she just introduced the Own D'vice song called "Look At Me Now". Yes,you are listening to the sample of the song on this page.

TPG(Sachi):haha you guys might be jealous of maryb? I'm sure you are!!

oh Sachi,come on,don't say that. Jealous is strong,you know,but I'm very happy for her because I'm promoting Own D'vice too!! I'm unprofessional promoter and I'm not good at introducing about people sometimes though lol

Today I would like to interview with the local "boygroup" from Massachusetts,USA "Own D'vice" and their manager Maryb aka The OG ("OG" is "Original Gangsta" for short).

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TSM Radio: Show #13 (Japanese Version) 

TSM Radio is....back....on....the....air!!
今週もThe Weatherman Ronのイントロから番組は始まります!!
"It's TSM LIVE!! With Creepy Ely,Jamie Rise,Young Church,Cableguy with "F*ckin' Five Minutes",and myself Ron.....The Weatherman....(*coughs*)Ron,Sporty O and "Super Producer" Mr.Justin Trugman,and your host STU STONE!!!!"

TSM Radioもいよいよ第13回目・・・収録当時は4月1日、エイプリル・フール!!今回はSporty OとYoung Churchによるライブ・パフォーマンスがありました。who's promoting his up-and-coming album coming soon in April 11th, and new comer to the scene here "Young Church"!!

そして・・・Justin Trugmanは1人の女性を連れて来ました。Ely Riseとの恋愛の相性を確かめるためです。

Creepy Elyのラブ・マッチ その1: "Midnite"のケース
Love Matchはもう始まっていました。"Midnite"と名乗ったその女性はウェストウッド在住で、ウィスコンシン州出身。登場した時からずっとテンションが上がっていて、この人酔ってるんじゃないの?と思ったほどです。ラジオなので顔は分かりませんが、StuによればMidniteは美人らしい。それでElyとの相性はピッタリなんじゃないかと思ったJustinは彼女をスタジオまで連れてきたのです。果たして結果は?


ラップ・バトル:Ely vs. Midnite!!

そしてお次はCreepy Ely!!Elyが遂にラップデビュー?!歌詞は以下の通りです。

I'm not a rapper
I'm a racist
I'm not a racist
I'm a rapist
I f*ck a b*tch
I'm a f*ckisist
'cause it's how I do it
You can sit on my face
I can run with mace
I don't give a f*ck
'cause I'm so hot
I don't know what to run with.....


「俺はラッパーじゃない、人種差別主義者だ。いや、俺は人種差別主義者じゃなくて強姦者だ!」・・・って最初から歌詞が危うい方向へ行ってます。「Ely Riseは危険な男だ」という人も出てくるし、「彼は次のテッド・バンディだ」と言う者もいます。


MIDNITEが勝ちました!! おめでとう!!

1.Sporty OのCDが4月11日にリリース予定!しかも、彼の曲がI-Tuneで視聴できるようになったとか。是非聞きたい!!

2.The Alisan Porter Projectが4月19日にWhiskey A Go Goというライブハウスで、Alisan Porterがニューヨークに移る前の最後のライブを行います。Alisanはブロードウェイの舞台の稽古をするため、今度ニューヨークへ引っ越す事になりました。「コーラスライン」というミュージカルの主役に抜擢されたからです!!おめでとう!!!!

Midniteが突然「もしもし」と日本語であいさつ。Haruka(私)の話題が出たからでした。あと、Sporty Oだったと思いますが、「オハヨウゴザイマス」と言ってたのでビックリ!!他にも「ポケモン」とか日本語がポンポン出てきました・・・「ポケモン」ってアメリカでは未だに人気なのでしょうか?

Creepy Elyのラブ・マッチ その2:Denaの場合




Young Church and Sporty O Live!!
初めて番組に出演したラッパーのYoung Church。ノースハリウッドのヒップホップの世界では何が起こっているのかを語ってくれました。Young Churchのmyspaceはです。アルバムCDはまだリリースしていませんが、「Street Album」というプロジェクトに取り掛かっているらしい・・・。

Justin Trugmanがいろんな音楽を用意して、Sporty OとYoung Churchが音楽に合わせてラップを披露!!

Cableguy's F*ckin' Five Minutes
いつも「Five Minutes」のテーマソングを歌っていたJamie Riseがいつの間にか消えていました・・・どこに行ったのJamie?

ということでSporty Oが代わりに歌う事に・・・。

Cableguy's F*ckin' Five Minutes
Cableguy's F*ckin' Five Minutes.....

「Five Minutes」の時間がやってきました!!このコーナーの司会はCableguyJeff!!今回もたくさんのメールが寄せられました。JeffはVicki Nicoleの母親、Markest East、Haruka(私)、lockerlou、Nik Brass、Trudy、"Lou"(実はlockerlouでした!)からのメールを読みました。

First of all,I was really glad to hear you guys tried to call me.....thank you very much!! I have been waiting for your phone call every day..... I didn't know how to use the international phone call servise as well,and I should've searched it for you!! I'm really sorry!!Please call me again......I want to say thank you and tell you how I love this show & everybody on TSMland,and maybe I'll teach you some Japanese words if you call me;) Show #12 was hilarious!! I loved the intro by The Weatherman Ron.....I kept laughing from the beginning to end. Lou Dawson was really supernatural and I thought her live performance was classic!! I really love the sound of piano in that. I used to add "Hands and Knees" in my myspace profile many times!! By the way,You guys said I posted a couple of gross bulletin and also said you guys might make me gross,but don't worry,you are not bad influences. I'm not so gross!! I love everything about TSM Radio,because it's entertaining and it makes me feel like singing.

長い感想です(笑)前回の感想をほとんどそのまま英語で書きました。Jeffがメールを読んでいる間、Elyが「俺の事が何にも書かれてない」「'Supernatural'だって?! supernaturalな物が欲しいのかHaruka?LAに来いよ!!俺のは聖杯もんだぜ!!(多分Web-dickingの事を言っている)」と発言してましたが・・・もう呆れるしかありません。そして最後にStu達が「Haruka、いつもメールありがとう!」言った時にElyだけ「ビッチ!」・・・冗談で言っているのは分かっていましたが、今回のElyは失礼過ぎる!!

そして、新しく出来た「TSM Radio Hotline」に残した伝言の一部を公開しました!!

"Hello TSM Radio!! This is Haruka from Japan,TSM Radio Recaper. I listened to the Show 12 and I'm glad to hear you guys tried to call me......uh.....thanks a lot!! Please call me again this week because I want to be on the show and say how much I love TSM have to hang up,so.....uh.....bye!!"

英語で伝言を残すのは初めてだったので何を言っていいのか分かりませんでした・・・でもStuたちは気に入ってくれたみたいで良かったです。Hotlineに電話して番組について言いたい事を伝言で残すことができます。番組内で公開されることもあります。電話したい方は TSM RadioのMySpaceTSM Radioの公式ページで電話番号が書いてあるので、見て下さい。

Stu, whats going on???? Hey, i listened to show #12, once again great,i totally enjoyed it. i also enjoyed lou dawsons song,love the piano in that. Hey thanks again for the mention. I heard the part of the show where sporty o was questioning the whole lockerlou thing, that was funny. let me explain.
freshman year of high schl. i had this teacher, catholic schl. his name was mr. havner (ask jamie kennedy if he remembers him), anyway, i hated this guys class, i made every excuse i could to get out of the class, and one day raised my hand to get his attention, and he said "what can i do for you now lockerlou?"
ever since then its been my nickname, so hence the lockerlou story.



そのあと、TSMの長年のファンであるMeganのメッセージを公開!そしてファンの名前を挙げて「Five Minutes」が終了!!さてお次は・・・

The Weatherman Ronのお天気予報!!

The Weatherman Ronの正体はカナダ出身の俳優・Adam Rodness!!彼も遂にMySpaceの仲間入りを果たしました!!ページはです。写真を見ると結構イケメンなのでビックリ!!MySpaceのページを持っていて、お友達になりたい方は彼のページにfriend requestを送って下さい。

Open-Mic Session

順番は次の通り:Cableguy,Justin,Sporty O,Midnite,The Weatherman Ron,Young Church,Dena,Ely Rise,Stu Stone.....

Weatherman RonことAdam Rodnessは3月の終わりごろに車を盗まれてしまった話を語ってくれました。話の結末は驚くようなものでした。Click here.

Ely Riseが番組を降板?!
Elyの出番が来た時、彼が汚い言葉を終始吐き続けたので、Jeffはとうとう堪忍袋の緒が切れて、彼を番組から降ろしました。「お前が出て行かなきゃ俺が出てくぞ!」なんていう始末。子供達も番組を聴いているのだから、せめて終盤くらいはクリーンにしたいというJeffの親心がありました(Jeffは2人の子供を持つ父親でもあります)。それを聞かなかったEly。遂にElyはスタジオから追い出されてしまいました!!(Elyは「P*ssy.Sh*t.F*ck.」と捨てゼリフを残して出て行きました)。この事で全員から大ブーイング。「番組をボイコットするぞ!」とSporty Oが言うと、JeffとStuが「いや、Sportyには出演して欲しい」と言ってなだめていました。

Jamie Riseが途中でどこかへ行ってしまい、Elyが追い出されたとなると次回は大きな波乱になる予感がします。「Blowin' Up」の第一シーズンの撮影が無事に終了したというStuからのニュースが耳に入れないくらい終盤はショックの連続でした。散々Stuたちに「もうそれ以上言うなよ」と言われたにも関わらず、汚い言葉を吐き続けたElyに私は少し腹を立てていましたが・・・Jeffは本気で怒っていました。次回はどうなってしまうのでしょうか?

TSM Radio's Song List:Show #13
"Poole Parace" - Sporty O
"Forever Goodbye" - The Brothers Rise
"-Young Church & Sporty O's Freestyle Live-"
"Gotta Love E'm" - Young Church
"Concept Song" - The Stone Movement
"Sugar" - Tarzana

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