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"TSM Stalker"song by Morgan & Stephanie of SSAF 

Here's the video of the song called "TSM Stalker",the parody of "Celebrity Stalker" from Blowin' Up CD. (This parody song is written & performed by Morgan & Stephanie of SSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics). They played this song on Sunday Nite Stu on March 11th and you can see Stu laughing and loving it!!

SSAF(Stu Stone Addict Fanatics)が、「TSM Stalker」という曲を作りました。アルバム「Blowin' Up」収録曲の一つである「Celebrity Stalker」のパロディーバージョンです。


From The Sunday Nite Stu (Look for 12:00):

This is so f**in awesome and these girls are hardcore and dedicated!!

Source: SSAF MySpace blog

Special thanks to SSAF!!

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